In The Spirit Of Full Disclosure
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Student Life

In The Spirit Of Full Disclosure

I'm driving around in my Honda and working to be better every day.

In The Spirit Of Full Disclosure
Lindsey Ocock

Some days my life feels like it SUCKS. Everything is so messy and crazy all the time. I hate studying, going to class, working out and getting out of bed some days. But, I'm sure being a REAL adult is so much worse.

Growing up sucks.

I love college and my friends, but some days I think they hate me. And sometimes I'm not going to get along with everyone — but that's just how it happens. Someone said to me a while ago, "some people stay in your life and others f*** off."

Hey, that's a blunt way of saying it, but they were right.

So, in the spirit of full disclosure, I don't like myself sometimes, and I hate all of the regrets I have.

I've made stupid decisions and learned every lesson twice.

But, who cares?

I'm the same as I've always been and I'm different in every way.

I don't know who I am yet and that's a good thing because I'm taking the lessons I learn each day and changing for the better. My younger siblings would probably tell you they've learned from my mistakes and that's probably true.

My life is a mess sometimes. You'll never catch me walking around acting like my life is perfect and I always have it together because I don't. Who does?

There are people I see every day, and they're always OK. Maybe they are alright, but it's OK to be a hot mess express now and again.

I want to be better than I was yesterday, but I want to stop being so hard on myself.

I've woken up late one too many times, drank too much, kissed the wrong people, let people be mean to me and royally messed up.

But, college was not meant to be a time where you have it all figured out.

In the spirit of being real, I'm driving around in my '98 Honda and working to be better every day.

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