Why You Shouldn't Go As Harley Quinn To That Halloween Party

Why You Shouldn't Go As Harley Quinn To That Halloween Party

Hopefully the costume shop accepts returns.

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Here we are, kiddos. Just a little over a month until every college aged female's favorite holiday on the planet: Halloween. Hopefully you've begun planning your costumes, whether it be a "squad" style, couples, or simply a stand alone, let's just try for a tiny bit of originality. 2016 thus far has been the year of superhero (and, more popularly, super-villain) films, so I'll just come right out with it.

Ladies, do not for the love of god, strut out with booty shorts, pink and blue hair, and a baseball bat. That's right, Harley Quinn is the lady of the hour and oh my god is she going to be everywhere on all Hallow's Eve. Not to mention every male will opt for Superman, Batman, or the Joker, because, let's be real, DC characters rule all of pop culture right now. But I'm just going to let the men figure out their Halloween train wrecks somewhere else.

You may find yourself feeling great, she's awesome. She's completely confident in her sexuality, wildly smart, a good party girl, and the craziest counterpart to Mistah Jay. But the second you hit the streets for whatever beer covered fraternity basement or overpriced bars of your choosing, you're going to realize the grave mistake you have made in your costume choices. This year she is the pumpkin spice latte, the booties and scarf combo, and the pumpkin patch Instagrams. Harley is a kick-ass character in and of herself, but on Halloween she will get heaped into the "been there, done that" pile with your ex-boyfriend.

I'm not here to rip all of your Halloween dreams of the perfect 'Gram apart though. Here are a few fun, empowered ladies to suit up as that won't be anywhere near as played out as Harley will be this year:

Elle Woods

"What, like it's hard?"

Lois Lane

Probably one of the most bad ass DC ladies that get's zero love. She knows how to keep up with the boys in heels and saves the world without any superhuman powers.

Leslie Knope

Ovaries before Brovaries.

Michelle Obama

We will never be blessed with a first lady like her ever again.

But I digress.

Ladies, do what you want for Halloween. Just be prepared for a sea of fishnets, heeled boots, and blond pigtails this year no matter where you turn.

"In squad we trust."

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