In-N-Out Is Worth The Hype
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Unpopular Opinion: In-N-Out is better than whataburger and here's why

This is what Jimmy Buffet meant when he sang "Cheeseburger in Paradise."

Unpopular Opinion: In-N-Out is better than whataburger and here's why

1. The burgers are handmade fresh everyday

2. The fries are fresh, never frozen, and cut-to-order

3. The Special Sauce (heart eyes)

Ketchup and mustard are mainstream anyway.

4. Super freaking fresh ingredients

Their motto is literally, "Quality you can taste."

5. Their menu is simple, not crowded

6. But wait..don't forget about the secret menu, a place where all your dreams come true

ALWAYS order animal style, including the fries. You can also order up to FOUR patties on your burger.

7. There's an option for vegetarians as well

The grilled cheese is actually amazing.

8. You can order your burger "protein style"

It's essentially the same as a regular burger, just with a lettuce wrap instead of a bun!

9. The workers are absolute angels

Plus, their outfits are pretty cute.

10. The soda cups keep you grounded with a bible verse

If you look at the bottom of each cup, you will see "John 3:16" printed on the edge.

11. The paper hats you get with your order are actually the greatest

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