7 Reasons In-N-Out Burger Is Totally Worth The Hype

7 Reasons In-N-Out Burger Is Totally Worth The Hype

1. The burgers taste as though they were God sent.

In-N-Out is the holy grail of fast food on the west coast. And to be honest, I shouldn't even have to justify why In-N-Out is so amazing, but here are 7 reasons why!

1. The burgers taste as though they were God sent.

2. They cut their own potatoes on site, special for each order.

3. The menu is extremely simple.

4. But, if you want something extra, the secret menu is what dreams are made of.

5. The milkshakes are made with real ice cream and taste unlike any other.

6. The ingredients are extremely fresh. Their motto is "Quality you can taste."

7. It's so exclusive, it's only available in 5 states.

Cover Image Credit: Flickr Creative Commons

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8 Customers You'll Meet At Your Starbucks

"-That's like sooo basic!"

Ah. What a beautiful splendorous morning. There are many ways to start one, but my favorite one is always with a trip to my local overpriced coffee shop. As I frequented the establishment over the years, I’ve noticed that after a while, the customers become… familiar. Here is 8 types of them I’ve found.

i. The ‘healthy’ eater

She talks a lot about leading a healthy lifestyle. Does yoga thrice a week, makes a big fuss out of detoxes and eating right. She’s a sucker for an acai bowl, and a dreamer at heart. Gets a venti double chocolate frappuccino with whipped cream blended in, java chips, four pumps of caramel syrup, with a banana blended in for the sake of how bananas she is. None of my business though.

ii. The Artist

They are more of a myth than a person. There’s no reason in any season to get creative juices flowing in the air, intoxicating and stimulating imagination with sweet cocaine of coffee, their spiraling addiction coming into friction with the murmur of the moody meager morning-

I’ve never met a person who has actually written something profound in a cafe. You can’t. Whatever they’re doing, it probably is an intellectual sham, because you can’t write with someone yelling “Betsy!” every minute from behind the counter.

iii. The WiFi Thief

This person is here for the free WiFi, and nothing else. They have a beverage from elsewhere, take up the comfiest seat in the cafe and never seem to leave. Good for them?

iv. The “basic”

Ladies (and gents, although the stereotype applies generally to women for some reason) you’re NOT basic. You’re all unique gemstone-like snowflakes, who happen to share an interest in pumpkin spice lattes, certain kinds of clothing people consider UGG-ly, and seem to have your names grown at the same petri dish. Ashley is a good name though! Don't be ashamed to be basic!

v. The Cop

If you frequent the same Starbucks for long enough, you’ll notice a police officer or two (or three) pay a visit. The funny thing is even though you know they're there just for coffee a part of you hopes something exciting could happen.

vi. The Trendy Hipster

This is someone who has given up on this mortal realm. This is someone who when they speak their order, has lightning flash. They will order whatever is the most complicated and popular drink on the menu. For every new secret recipe they come up with, a million baristas die a broiling cruel and senseless death.

vii. The Intern

You will see them during afternoons or early mornings- especially if you live in the city. Their job description said they’ll accrue priceless experience working at Big Daddy Inc, but unfortunately this literally priceless experience consists of ordering 8 cups of coffee for everyone in the office. If they are ahead of you, consider yourself late to class.

viii. Your Best Friend

Okay, they’re not your best friend, but they certainly seem to know everyone on staff. The second they enter, from within the depths beyond the counter and the La Boulangerie glass case, someone greets out their name. Even some of the customers there know them. Do they come here a lot? Are they a neighboring business owner perhaps? Or, are they a mini celebrity or a mere phantom employee?

If you keep your eyes peeled, you are certain to find and stumble across someone like this at your local Starbucks!

Remember that this list, much like a pokedex, keeps on expanding on and on as the time goes by, so feel free to suggest who else should be added to it!

Cover Image Credit: Leah Kelley

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7 Jersey Shore Restaurants Everyone Needs To Try

Some of the best food on the Jersey Shore.

1. Surf Taco - Several Locations

It's nothing like authentic Mexican, and it's definitely not a hidden treasure, but I'm pretty much addicted to it nonetheless. They have a cool, laid-back summery vibe when it comes to the atmosphere AND the names of the food they serve. If you live on the shore there's a pretty high chance there's one a reasonable distance from you and they have so many options ranging from chicken, beef, fish or even vegetarian.

2. Slater's Deli - Middletown, NJ

Home of the famous PORK ROLL and cheese sandwich. I don't think I've ever seen such a big sandwich. To make it even better, they won best pork roll sandwich. In my opinion, Starks (which is unfortunately closed) was better, but hey, it's fine. All pork roll is good pork roll.

3. The Inlet Cafe - Atlantic Highlands, NJ

This is pretty much one of my favorite places to eat in the summer. First of all, they have a giant menu full of different types of seafood, or other options if you aren't a fan. If you request a table outside, you are able to sit right on the bay and enjoy the beautiful weather while you eat. If you're lucky, you'll see some baby ducks too.

4. Birravino - Red Bank, NJ

Not only do they have awesome Italian food (including pizza if you're picky), but to make it even better they brew their own beers (if you're into that sort of thing). Like all breweries, they serve flights allowing you to sample each one and they have seasonal beers as well!

5. Urban Coalhouse - Red Bank, NJ

This is the home of the best margherita pie and fried shrimp that I've ever tasted. If you are someone who isn't really into a plain pie, they have really different gourmet options along with the option of customizing your own pie.

6. Jakeabob's Bay - Union Beach, NJ

Jakeabob's is only open during the summer, so most of their menu items include seafood or lighter fare. Either way, the food isn't really the main attraction here. They're infamous for their Rum Buckets. For $15 each, you get a huge bucket full of fruit juice and a ton of rum. And you get to hangout at the outside bar right on the water as you drink it.

7. Fuze Eatery & Empanada House - Long Branch, NJ

If you plan on going here you definitely have to keep an eye out, because it's really nothing more than a little shack. There's no inside dining area, but that's fine because you can walk with an empanada or a smoothie (which are the only things they sell). What really makes this place stand out is the different variety of empanadas that they have (i.e., pizza empanada, BEC empanada, dessert empanadas, etc.).

Cover Image Credit: mapio.net

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