In Memory of My Mother

In Memory of My Mother

A dedication to my mother who recently passed away from cancer.

Nicole Karan

Losing a parent is one of the hardest things that any person has to deal with. I wouldn't wish it on anyone- not even my worst enemies. Death takes a toll on all of us and it affects us in ways we can't describe, but we know that we have to get through it somehow.

Recently, I had to face death head-on. My mother passed away from cancer; she was only 54 years old. There was just no way to put a stop to this horrible disease that just took over her whole body. No one can understand the pain I am going through at a very young age.

Now my mother won't see my latest achievements nor my future ones. She will not be there when I get married to the man of my dreams, and she will never be a grandmother to my future children, which is really important to me. I will tell my children that she was a kind and awesome person inside and out.

Even though my mother and I had our differences, in the end I know that she will always be my mom. I will love her in years to come, and aim to live to be the best person that I can be. I want to carry out her legacy and make her proud, because she will always be my guardian angel.

I advise everyone this: please cherish your moments with your parents, family and loved ones, because you never know when it will be the last time you get to see or tell them you love them. Remember that family is everything.

So mom, thank you for everything. I am so sad that cancer has taken you too soon. I hope there is a cure to this horrible disease because nobody should have to go through this horrible pain and agony.

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