When school has been your entire life, it is scary to imagine a world without it. The transition will be difficult. While it can be easy to let go of, because senioritis is real, it is also truly scary to move on from something that was your main source of success (at least the idea of it). We are always taught to get good grades so we can succeed, until we learn that it is only partially true. Yes, grades are a form of measurement of where you stand in school in comparison to other people and helps self improvement, but it does not actually mean anything later on. We are always evaluated even in the future, except it is not a grade, it is a judgement of our skills.

Leaving college is crazy. We have so much pressure to be an "adult," be completely self dependent, know everything, self sustain, and have a good job that will compensate the money we spent going to school.

College kids don't have it easy. If anything it gets worse and more stressful by the day. The older generation complains about the library and what not, but expectations change as we advance. We are writing papers that require research with information that needs to be filtered because there is really just too much information out there. Our access to technology changes the name of the game.

Applying to jobs is not the same, expected knowledge is not the same, and everything and anything is now online. We have an alarming amount of things we have to suddenly know as we move on to our futures, yet everyone is just as lost as the next guy. The only difference is that some people are really good at pretending,

I ask that people understand why college students are more stressed by the day. College is less of a choice, and more of a requirement to get basic jobs that are all learnable by experience. School isn't easy. Jobs aren't easy either, but they are different from the student life.

College students aren't prepared. They are thrown into a pool and expected to know how to swim.