So I haven’t been a Communication major for very long (I just declared last semester, actually), and I’ve already heard a lot of crap about the discipline. Like, “It’s the easy major,” and, “The people who take those classes are lazy and/or not the most intelligent.” Or there’s the infamous, “What are you going to do with that degree?” and “Why do you need to major in Communication? You already know how to communicate.” So I’m here today to shed some light on this awesome major that unfortunately gets a bad rap.

Myth: Communication is an easy major.

Fact: Yes, some of the concepts aren’t that hard to grasp. But the work that goes into some of these classes isn’t a piece of cake. I’ve had to dissect the messages that popular media are sending their audiences, like whether "Divergent" is feminist or actually supports patriarchy. I’ve had to give a 20-minute debate on whether community college should be free or not. So Communication can be a lot of work, but what you learn in those classes is definitely worthwhile.

Myth: The people who take those classes are lazy and/or not the most intelligent.

Fact: Whether it be joining our campus’s radio, television, or newspaper or an online magazine, or taking an incredible internship opportunity, our Comm majors really take initiative to get the most out of their education experience. And some of the Comm majors I’ve met have been some of the brightest students on campus. Not to brag, but I myself graduated high school in the top 5 percent of my class. So take that, haters.

“What are you going to do with that degree?”

There’s actually quite a lot that you can do with a major in Communication. You can go into journalism, publishing, sales, marketing, advertising, public relations, business, politics, law, media design, art, and so much more. The Communication major gives students the ability to tailor our education to fit our specific interests, and still receive the wholeness of a thorough education.

“Why do you need to major in Communication? You already know how to communicate.”

OK, true. I’m a pretty good communicator. But my major has taught me how to become a better writer and persuader. It’s taught me to be more aware of how diversity plays a huge factor in how we communicate with different people, so that we can avoid offending our audiences.

Why I personally like Communication.

I chose to major in Communication for a variety of reasons. I like the fact that there are so many different things I can do with my major after I graduate. I like how many opportunities there are outside of the classroom to further enhance my skills and get the most out of my education. I like how interdisciplinary the Communication major is. A lot of what I learn in the classroom comes from sociology and psychology, and even art, politics, and business. So I’ll come out of graduation with a large amount of experience in what seems like multiple different majors, because I’m one of those people who’s interested in basically everything and I can’t choose just one. I like how it’s immediate. Everything I learn not only comes from understanding the past, but also focuses on the modern day and moving forward. I chose Communication because it’s something I enjoy, and that is honestly the best reason to choose a major. Because if you’re miserable all the time, it’s not worth it.