Why It's Important To Fight For Our Beliefs
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Politics and Activism

Why It's Important To Fight For Our Beliefs

And how this makes us better.

Why It's Important To Fight For Our Beliefs
Brynde Kocks

In a world where we have everything we want in the palm of our hand, our beliefs have become the main thing that distinguishes us from everyone else. We have a tendency to fight for what we think is right and try to prove everyone else wrong, but sometimes, we'll step aside instead of defending our ideas.

Why does this happen? Maybe it is because we don’t want to start an argument, choosing to compromise with another party rather than figure out a way to keep our moral integrity and do things we think are ethical and right. Maybe it's because we think it's not worth the effort.

The way I see it, it's very important to stand for what we believe in, and here are the main reasons why.

1. We learn.

When we fight for our beliefs, we see a part of ourselves that isn't normally on display, and we learn from it. We learn what is important for us, and how it's present in every aspect of our lives.

We might learn new things. Sometimes our beliefs are based off false information, and the only way to find out is to discuss with someone with the opposite point of view, paying special attention to where they are drawing their conclusions.

We might even discover we were right the whole time, learning new evidence that backs us up.

2. It’s attractive.

One of the main reasons why we'll step aside and conform to other peoples' beliefs is because we want to fit in, and we're afraid we won't if we speak our mind. But standing up for what we believe in and being ourselves can turn out to be the most attractive qualities.

No one wants to have any kind of relationship with someone who has no spine and who is really easy to influence. Fighting for our own opinions and beliefs shows we are strong individuals who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

3. It makes us strong.

It takes courage to defend an idea, especially if it isn't a very popular one. Chances are it's going to be an uphill battle, but it's a winnable one.

Standing up for an idea can be terrifying, but by taking a stand for our beliefs we are inevitably becoming stronger. Strength and courage are things we must have if we want to change the world or stand out from the crowd, and they're essential skills we need to make it somewhere in life.

4. We have to be the leaders.

Most people won't make a noise when it comes to defending their beliefs; they will wait for someone else to lead the charge, and then they'll rally up behind them. Some people are so afraid of being different than everyone else, that they'll inevitably become followers.

Therefore, if we want our opinion to be defended, we are going to have to be the ones to do it. We need to be the leaders.There is no point in waiting for someone else to speak up, because they are probably waiting for us too.

5. We become free thinkers.

We can't become free thinkers if we can't defend our opinions, and that's a fact.

Innovation comes from people who aren’t afraid to think for themselves and to stand up for what they believe in. Someone who doesn’t conform to what the rest of the world is doing and stands up for their own beliefs is going to go far in life. These are the people that shaped our society in the past, and they are also the ones who are going to determine the future.

However, keep in mind that to be successful it is also necessary to be able to stand back when we are wrong. To be free thinkers, we must be able to change our opinions when presented with new information, or otherwise we'll just be conforming to someone else's opinion before our own. To be successful, it's necessary to be able to consider new information, and to make our own decisions.

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