The importance of reading and writing

The importance of reading and writing

Reading and writing should be a hobby due to the importance of it in life


Reading and writing are two of my favorite hobbies. They're not as popular anymore because of the use of technology, social media, and other electronic items have taken over in this century. Reading and writing has a lot of benefits that can get you through life.

Reading books can increase your intelligence by understanding vocabulary and information more. In college and in the real world you will be doing a lot of reading and writing so it's a good preparation. Try selecting some books that subjects interest you the most and you'll find reading fun.

As for writing, it helps improve your handwriting and other writing problems. You'll be expected to do this a lot so mine as well get the preparation necessary for the real world like in college. Becoming an odyssey writer has helped me to improve my writing skills and has gotten me to make writing a hobby.

These are reason why reading and writing are an important part of life.

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