The Importance Of Having A Part-Time Job

The Importance Of Having A Part-Time Job

How working now can help you when working in the future.

Every job has a purpose and for someone, somewhere is of importance. Kids all across the nation are enrolled in classes at hundreds of universities in order to one day obtain a job they enjoy. Working is how we will pay for bills, support ourselves, and simply make a living in the future. Many college-aged kids have part-time jobs; the reason they have these jobs can vary from getting experience for a future job they want to needing a job to pay their way through school. Part-time jobs are important; without waiters or waitresses how would you eat out at restaurants? Without cashiers how would you buy anything from any store?

I get asked all the time if I like my part-time job. Being a college kid working at a grocery store, I like my job as much as a college kid would. The people I work with are easy to talk to and get along with, the money I get helps pay for my bills, and I’m gaining experience in the workforce; however, one day I plan to get a job in what I am going to school for.

Many times my friends will be busy doing something and I will be working nights or weekends. I’ve been asked several times, “well, why can’t you just take off?” or told, “just don’t show up.” While I could take off or not show up for work, that isn’t good practice. I see a part-time job as an important stepping stone to any job you may have in the future. While I get that I am young and should have some fun, I also understand that by not going into work that changes management’s opinion of me as an employee and is also lost money for me.

Your part-time job might not be one of your favorite things or maybe you don’t have one at all, but I think having a part-time job is very important. By holding a job and going to school proves you can juggle things and prioritize what needs to get done. Having a job also gives you a new appreciation for money and how long it actually takes to make $100. A job, such as cashiering, gives you experience with money, customer service, and other basic skills that can be applied to almost any job. While a part-time job may not be directly related to the field you are interested in, aspects of the job can help you gain experience and look good for future employers.

A part-time job isn’t the most important thing in your life, but I think it is important to have one. Some people may think it's a waste of time or that they're wasting their youth, but I have never seen it that way. Most people have a goal at what they want to be and one day they hope to achieve that. They work hard in school and get good grades. I too have aspirations for what I want to be; I am just working towards them while in school and while on the job.

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Spring Break Is A Myth, And We Should Do Something About It

Take a break, they said, it will be fun, they said.

Spring break: it’s a myth. It is a long-awaited week in the life of college students. The time between the start of the semester and the start of spring break seems to last FOREVER. For many, spring break is the only time they can see their families all of second semester. We wait for months to get to go home or on vacation, but the break never ends up as intended.

The problem with spring break is that it usually ends up being much less of a break than it is supposed to be, due to the piles of work we bring to our spring break destinations. The difference between winter and spring break is that winter break is between semesters, so there’s no homework due yet and there aren’t any exams looming over your head. With spring break, it’s smack in the middle of the semester. There are assignments due, exams, midterms, projects, all of it! It’s hard to enjoy a break when you know there’s something you can be working on or studying for.

Picture this: you and your friends booked a week-long trip to Mexico. You went on a huge shopping spree for new swimsuits and clothes to wear out at night. After exploring the giant hotel you decide to go sit out on the beach. It’s ninety degrees and the sun is bright and shining. You’re lying in beach chairs, bikinis and sunscreen on, all reading to the sound of the ocean waves crashing.

Sounds nice right? WRONG!

Those books are textbooks and up against those beach chairs are your backpacks. You’re not reading for fun, you’re studying for your exam that's the Tuesday after break. Not only do you need to study for this exam, but you also have a lab report to write and a group project to work on. Well, there goes the break part of spring break.

It seems the best solution to this issue with spring break is to adjust the school rules. There should be a school-wide rule stating that there are to be no assignments due the week after spring break and there should be no exams for at least a week after spring break. That would take care of all the time spent buried in books versus buried in the sand.

Even if you’re not actually at a beach destination, a break is a break, regardless of where it’s spent. Breaks are supposed to be spent with family, friends, anyone important to us. We’re supposed to be doing things we love and catching up on sleep. Studying for an exam is not something anyone loves.

Since spring break is right around the corner, we need to plan accordingly. There’s nothing we can do about the exams and assignments, at least right now. For the time being, we have to be smart about how we use our time over break. Yes, we do need to get the work done and study, but we also need to balance that with taking a break.

Until we can figure out how to cut down the spring break load, good luck and have a great spring break!

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The Week After Spring Break As Told By Kim Kardashian

It's a rollercoaster for sure.

Aaaah, Spring Break... What every college student waits for the second they get back to classes in January. Whether you spend your break on a beach in tropical weather or on your couch in sweats, no break can be bad.

The first week back is a different story, though. As you head back to campus after break and board the struggle bus with all other college students, just know that we've all been there. And if you think you're alone in your emotions, just know that Kim K has felt what you're feeling, too.

Here's the first week back after break as told by Kim herself...

1. When someone asks if you're excited to go back as you're driving to school

2. When you unpack and realize you're actually back

It all hits when you are alone in your room putting the clothes you didn't even wear over break away.

3. When your break sleeping schedule hits

What do you mean I have to set an alarm?

4. When your alarm goes off 3 hours before you got up all of break

This is when you ask yourself, "How bad do I want this degree?"

5. When it's your first class back and you begin to remember all of the things that you have to do ASAP...

What are due dates again?

6. But then you realize it'll all work out...

7. And you finally see your friends again

Then you realize being back isn't so bad after all.

Even though Kim didn't go to college herself, she clearly has felt what we all feel when we return to campus after break. So thank you, Kim for articulating what all college students are feeling like and showing us the rollercoaster that is the week after Spring Break.

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