How History Shapes Our World Today

How History Shapes Our World Today

The importance of learning about history and it's shaping of today's world


History as we know it has shaped our own present time. But what causes it to shape our present? Well, the answer is obvious; the events that occurred in the past changed future events in a positive or negative way. Even our present day events will change and shape the future in any type of way. But why is history so important to learn about in schools and on TV?

In history, we learn from mostly primary and secondary sources about what occurred back in the day from either a person who existed in that year or an author of a historical book. As we read books, articles, diaries, and letters that have something to do with history, we learn why that happened and that our present time along with events came from history.

They are plenty of important events that give good examples of how history keeps shaping our world. At the signing of the Declaration of Independence, America signed it so we could gain our own freedom. How that event shaped our present is that we are not under control of any other country, but America has its own government where it is in charge of the laws and the direction of it under the president of the United States.

With Westward Expansion in the 19th century, it changed the West when people migrated there. While traveling out west, people needed to hunt, trade, and grow foods and supplies in order to survive. While out West, they faced many difficult challenges and their worlds changed around them. Yet we still face many challenges in life and the world is changing around us everyday.

Some of the worst events in history led to better events that made America stronger. The Great Depression, from 1929-1932, was considered one of the worst events in American history. During this era, the economy crashed and many people became poor and lost their jobs. The economy during the Great Depression caused many businesses to shut down, resulting in less jobs for people. But when Franklin Delano Roosevelt became president, he created the new deal to help the economy improve, which succeeded. The new deal helped make America better and stronger.

The progression of history, especially in America, is important to learn about because as the years pass, America will be shaped from past events. If history wasn't taught then we would be making more mistakes every day. Events can apply to our own situations and issues going on in the world right now. As a history major, I learned from reading primary and secondary sources that the events that occurred in that time period often lead to other events changing the world, thus creating it as it is today.

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