Human beings are phenomenal creatures. Each one is so different from the next, whether that be through their physical appearance or their unique personality. But their souls are tender whether they show it or not, and deserve the affection in which our emotional beings crave so deeply.

Often times people are afraid to give compliments. To speak out into the air to express how they are feeling about someone, whether they have known them forever or have known them for only a second. But we may never understand how important compliments can be to someone else's life. How saying that you have a beautiful persona or that you love the way their eyes light up when they talk about a certain thing. You may never understand what that may mean to someone.

And yes; the culture we live in can make you feel awkward about speaking out. That you should keep your thoughts to yourself and to not make a situation uncomfortable. Most of us have been there, when we give someone a compliment and we get a weird look in return from all those around, but a compliment is worth a lot.

Now compliments should not be given out every second of the day. They may be great and can boost someone's morale, but if they are constantly given out then you never know if they are real. Therefore it is important to only give out genuine compliments. Only compliment someone when your heart strings are pulled and your brain feels compelled to do so. Don't just compliment someone because they complimented you, or because you feel the need to give out useless compliments. Compliments are wonderful, but only when they are in the most genuine form.

So don't be afraid to express your true feelings towards someone. Whether it is an impulse thought, or something you have been thinking about for awhile, make sure to tell the person in front of you. You never know who's day you are going to make, and the satisfaction you will get from within.