The Importance Of Being A Full-Time Student While Also Working

The Importance Of Being A Full-Time Student While Also Working

Going to school and working are important to learn how to manage your time.

I find it important to be going to school and working at the same time.

I think it teaches any student how to budget money and time efficiently since we'll be doing it the rest our lives. My favorite time during the school year to work is during the Fall semester because there is so much more you want to buy yourself during the fall and winter time.

You also have to think about getting presents for people, and how are you supposed to do that without having a job or money to begin with?

Something that school has always tried to teach us is to manage your time for a stress-free day. Well if you go to school full time, let's say 5 days a week in the morning/afternoon time period, that gives you the night to work and you can still do homework before or after work.

Or maybe even work the weekends only (a lot of seasonal jobs will have you work the weekend normally since that is the busiest time of the week). Most places that do seasonal jobs are retail, which going to school at the College of Charleston, it puts you in the prime location of SO MANY retail stores. If you don't mind driving there is also the Tanger Outlets, Northwoods Mall, Citadel Mall, and many more populated retail areas.

One great thing about working retail during a seasonal time is you make more than the year-round employees and you make commission off of sales. Most places go off whichever is higher for that day, so the more sales, the higher commission you have, and the more money you're making,

The most effective way I have found to go to school and work is to during the week, don't work 2 days (those will be when you do homework, or if you're like me you have night class and you go to tutoring for a class), then you work the other 3 days of the week and the weekend. That way you're still making enough money to support yourself and maybe spoil yourself as well, but you also aren't having to work a full-time job either.

During the holiday season, I tend to take a portion of my check to put into my checking account, usually about 20% and the rest into my savings. That way your savings is slowly growing but at the same time you have a little bit of spending money in your pocket.

You also learn how to budget that little bit of money between your paychecks so you aren't blowing it all at once; sadly I've done that a few times, but I don't anymore because I have learned. Another option if you aren't sure about how much you normally spend during that time period, take the 20% and exchange it for cash. Then you have a visual amount of money that helps you rationalize a little better because you're actually seeing where your money is going.

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9 Signs College Is Kicking Your A**

Why is any of this worth it again?

Ahh, college—the overrated version of high school, except with more personal freedom to make up for the torturing amount of work and stress you are to endure, all to earn a piece of paper, in the end, claiming you’re qualified to encounter the next level of life involving complication—a career.

Is it really worth it?

As only a second-semester freshman, I have yet to find out. But despite my short stay, there are still many things I have learned; the biggest being, no matter how much work I seem to put in, college will always ends up kicking my ASS.

Here are 9 signs that you too are getting your butt kicked by books and boredom:

1. Friday nights are for catching up on sleep, not going out

Your friends (the few stragglers you have left) are always inviting you to go out, urging you to take a “break” if that’s something you have the capability of doing? At this point I don’t even bother to respond because I’m not familiar with the language they’re speaking, as break isn’t apart of my vocabulary, and I’m an English major. But on a serious note, once you start you cannot stop. I take a day off and suddenly I’m three days behind. Can’t we like, take a rain check for the summer?

2. Your typical “lazy day” is spent on a comfier seat in the library instead of the normal classroom chairs

Back in high school when I wasn’t feeling “it” (responsibility), I’d fake sick and lay in bed all day, for a disgusting amount of time until I couldn’t stand it. Nowadays, I spend the same amount of time trapped in a library, only this time around I call it quits once I no longer can stand how much school work I’ve done. A nerd to the nastiest degree.

3. Every reunion with your bed is a rejoice

You feel like it’s been days, when instead it’s only been twelve hours, but that half a day sucked the little life you had left to give, and you’re ready to hideaway and recharge to do it all again tomorrow. Sleep is sacred, and there’s quite as awful nothing like having your much needed Z’s interrupted by the same blare of alarm every morning, serving as a signal that it’s time for another day of reading and ruckus.

4. Going home for the weekend feels like a vacation

But don’t be fooled, because every second will still be spent doing work, only instead the grind will probably take place in a bathtub or on a couch with a stack of Oreo’s stalking nearby.

5. The bags under your eyes have now become a permanent facial feature

I look like I’m 38 and nearing a mid-life crisis when in reality I’m only 18 and experiencing that crisis, EVERY DAY.

6. You are trash at responding to literally anyone that doesn't involve academics

You might not hear from me for days, maybe even weeks in extreme cases. To further put this in perspective, I took my parents off speed dial and they’ve been replaced by my professors.

7. 24 hours is not enough time in the day

My planner could be painted so much prettier with tasks if the day wasn’t so short. I could probably even fit in three more mental breakdowns if I had just a few more hours.

8. You just force yourself to love the subjects you’re studying

I have more interaction with the information I’ve learned in class than with an actual human being, and you would not believe how passionate I have become about the formation of felsic rocks! Felsic rocks are so interesting that I don’t even need friends, hobbies, or sleep because I could study rocks for the rest of my life…Rocks ROCK <3

9. You kind of lose your mind

*Please reference explanation of point #8*

Cover Image Credit: Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

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What To Do With All Your "Free" Time In College

Choices, choices, choices...

“Mom, there are so many clubs and organizations that I want to get involved with at school, I wish there was more time in the day!

This is a conversation that I had with my mom last week, after a long day of going to class, professors’ office hours and club meetings. During the week, the daily life of a college student is usually long and filled with meetings, homework, and class time. And yes, we do manage to find time to go out during the week also.

Would it be nice to snuggle under my covers and go to bed an hour earlier or find time to catch up on this week’s “This is Us” episode? Of course.

But, there are so many opportunities offered at U of M, that I sometimes choose to go to bed (even) later or to catch up on my favorite TV show on the weekend, in order to squeeze in one more club’s mass meeting or hear one more speaker that an organization has brought in.

The opportunities at Michigan and other colleges around the nation are endless. In fact, I am sure that I do not even know of more than half of the things available to college students on campus. I have even heard someone mention a Squirrel Club here. Some that have interested me and that I am a part of here are the Michigan Daily, our school newspaper, Hillel, and Wolvpac, a political advocacy group.

I am someone who loves to be involved. In high school, I committed myself to a few organizations, clubs, and even boards. But now, as a college student, this has become overwhelming, as there are SO many more choices. In my first semester, I put myself on probably more than fifteen email list serves, ranging from a healthy-living-on-campus club to a business consulting club.

While it is physically and mentally impossible to be part of everything, I have slowly learned what I want to devote my time to. I went to some meetings and realized their club wasn’t for me. But, the majority of the time, I would leave, thinking to myself “the opportunities here are endless, I would love to get involved in this!”

So thank you, Michigan, for allowing me to have the “problem” of trying to figure out how to be involved in so many different things. I won’t let myself be spread too thin, but this is the time in my life to explore and find what my true passions are. And, I wouldn’t trade a little less sleep or waking up early to finish work for anything else. “Riverdale” can always be seen on my own time. The clubs and meetings…not so much.

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