I've always identified as a Christian. I believe in God and I believe in a Savior. I believe in redemption and forgiveness. I guess there are just some things about the way I practice my faith than what other Christians may do.

I'm the kind of Christian who...

1. Doesn't go to church 


Crazy, I know. The reason I don't go to church, in my most simple explanation, is judgment. There is so much judgment within congregations — the whole he said, she said thing, gossiping about other people's sins as if they're so much worse than your own. To top it off, I also have yet to find a church whose sermons align with the way I read my Bible and the way I think we should follow God.

2. Only sometimes reads her Bible 


Again, I know it's probably sort of crazy to hear for some people.

But I don't always read my Bible, and often go long, extended periods of time without opening it. As beautiful and sacred as the tradition of reading the Bible is, we have to remember the fact that not everything in the Bible should be taken word for word, nor should we forget that the people who wrote the Bible believed the world was flat.

3. Believes in love over all else 


Love is free, love is easy to practice, and love is what Jesus asked us to do. It never hurts to love somebody for the sake of loving them.

4. Drinks alcohol 


I don't drink often, though there's no fault in doing that. I simply do not think that drinking a glass or two of something makes you a bad person in general, so I do not see a sin in drinking a glass of wine or a bottle of beer.

5. Doesn't flaunt her faith 


In this modern world, everyone has a different view of the world and is entitled to their view of the world. I do not wish to throw around the fact that I may have a different view on life in the faces of those who may not want to hear about it. I also don't really consider myself an expert on Christianity, so I don't think I should be the one educating others on it. l

Those are the things that I do as a Christian and I don't think it's wrong to believe differently than I do. We're all sharing this earth of ours and we all have the right to follow, believe, and act how we see fit.