I'm Not Enough

I'm Not Enough

But after some time, those three words don't hurt me


In Summer

You said you couldn’t do this anymore, I’m not enough
You gave false accusations of why I’m not enough

When I went to you, to convince you you’re wrong
You scoffed and refused to deny your words, I’m not enough

In Autumn

My heart chips and cracks to the point of no repair
No amount of open heart surgery can fix the I’m not enough

I lie in bed, stare at your side, you faint scent lingering
Along with the three words you spoke months ago, I’m not enough

In Winter

Everyday is Valentine’s Day in the City of Love
But I walk the white moonlit cobblestone streets alone, I’m not enough

I know I shouldn’t but I still wish you were here with me
Still wish you never hurt me with your I’m not enough

In Spring

The corners of my mouth have learned to lift up again
From the once thought to be fatal blow I’m not enough

I see you passing on the sidewalk, your shoulders slumped
Mine held high. Kim, there is no such thing as I’m not enough

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