Many tend to reject immortality as an option of choice because they think that it implies living forever; people seem to interpret this as a negative thing for numerous reason. In a more honest assessment, however, immortality is simply choosing when to die. The human race has always held an immature attitude towards death out of fear and dogmatic assumptions. Naturally, quests for immortality was used to delusion one's self into thinking they could escape death. Whether it was a great elixir, a philosopher stone, or a fountain of youth; immortality was used to give the illusion of escaping death. As we reach a point in technology where the possibility of extending life to a scale once seemed infinite to our ancestors; the reality of life extension occurring will effectively provide immortality. A single event or technological augmentation will not necessarily provide indefinite life extension. However, a leap frog maneuvering of technology could theoretically provide life extension indefinitely, assuming technological progression continues at current rates.

Immortality is not necessarily anti-entropic either. Entropy still takes its toll, even on perceived immortals; and time will always be a factor in dictating an immortal actions. The finite nature of our universe, the degree in which time allows habitation of any form within the universe before atomic destabilization prevents any type of matter accumulation will be an effective block for immortals. One would have to functionally transcend the fourth dimension of spacetime and pierce into the higher dimensional nature of the multi-verse to escape the death of this universe. The technology needed to achieve such a feat only exist today as echoes of thought within the imagination; but as technology statistically increases exponentially, the task is not impossible.

It has been said that most people under the age of 30 have the opportunity to be functionally immortal given the life extension potentials of the technologies that will be arriving in the coming decades. Whether or not the millennial and younger generations accepts the responsibility of using such technologies wisely is a question of the age. It is an offer and opportunity our species has never had in its existence, and the accountability of our actions will have repercussions for the rest of existence. For the technological progression of immortality potential through life extension also offers technological potentials of space expansion. The expansion of a functionally immortal species into the greater universe will have repercussions that will effect all of creation. Our possible interaction with other lifeforms in the universe, our possible seeding of entire planets with life, and other actions we may take in the greater universe will have tremendous effects in the eons to come. Failing at our tasks ahead will also have tremendous consequences. The choices and decisions lie with us as individuals and as a collective.