Why Immigrants Make America Great
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Why Immigrants Make America Great

This country is based on the handwork of Immigrants.

Why Immigrants Make America Great

On July, 4th 1776, delegates from the 13 colonies came together to write the Declaration of Independence.The people were tired of living under Great Britain's rule. They wanted freedom, so they fought for it; and we will do the same.

The families of those who signed the Declaration of Independence were from England. They immigrated to the new world in hopes of a new beginning; much like immigrants today. Yet those immigrants traveled here and it in no doubt ruin a good number of the Native American population, but no one ever wants to talk about that. No one wants to talk about the real natives of this land, it was never our founding fathers; yet people preach about immigrants coming to the United States today and ruining the country when in reality that happened hundreds of years ago.

No one, but the native Americans, can say they are not a family built of immigrants. Every family has a long line of ancestors who have had to migrate to the United States at some point in time. These ancestors wanted the same thing every immigrant today wants, a new beginning. Every immigrant has there own personal reason for leaving their native land which can include: running away from a tyranny/monarchy government, war, abuse, seeking refuge, the "American Dream" (jobs), etc. America used to be a land full of promises, a land of dreams, a land built off of wanting freedom. It saddens me to see the hate immigrants get today from wanting everything America used to offer, when it used to be so different decades ago.

A majority of the human population does whatever it takes to help out their love ones and that is the mindset most immigrants have. They leave their familiar hometown, sell most of their belongings, put trust into a new location, maybe sometimes learn a new language, and unfortunately some have to leave their families behind. Immigrants are hardworking people, because they do know what it is like to have nothing; therefore they strive to have a little more than nothing. They have passion with everything they do, because they never want to fail. They left their native land for a reason, so they will work hard to never have to go back.

I am a proud daughter of immigrants. Everything my parents fought for in life, was for me. They wanted me to have a life they could only dream of. I have witness them work a 12+ shift in severe weather conditions, I have witness the heartbroken facial expression on my mother whenever she facetimes her family back home, I have witness old white men take advantage of my father's company just because they could, I have witness feeling frightened whenever we see a cop car, I have witness many fights over whether we should go back, I have witness so many tears and sighs of exhaustion, but I have also witness so many more laughs and smiles because my parents taught me that no matter how bad a situation gets- there is always something greater in the end.

I have also witness so much hate on immigrants, especially these past months. I do not think any U.S citizen realizes how hard it it to be an immigrant. My heart is aching as I see all the deportations going over across the nation, hundreds of immigrants were deported just this past week! 'ICE' officials have invaded many populated cities in hopes to deport and separated families apart. I have heard the radio in Northern Virginia list different areas or roads nearby were ICE had been spotted and the radio was advising people to stay inside their homes. It angers me to think that people are actually terrified to leave their homes; isn't this the land of the free? Yet, so many are locked up in the one place they should feel most safe but that is still not enough. ICE has also been tearing down doors demanding to see documentations, they also stop people in supermarkets or simply on the street. We cannot ignore the fact that they are racially profiling these human beings, this is all absurd. Imagine living in the same routine for years with your family, but then one day an official stops you randomly to detain you for simply not having documentation. Our immigration system is broken and it needs to be fixed. I am tired of hearing the thousands of stories of kids becoming orphans because their parents were deported, i'm tired of the abuse, i'm tired of the unlawfully actions taken by people of authority, i'm tired of having to worrying if ill ever see someone again, i'm tired of the injustice taking place currently in our nation.

Please, if you are privileged enough to be a U.S citizen, do something. Peacefully protest against ICE and trump, educate others so they are aware of what is going on, and just spread love. Immigrants are what make this country cultured, they statistically help the economy, and they are just human beings dreaming of the American Dream; just like your ancestors did once before.

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