I Imagine Myself As A Parisian Chef
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Student Life

I Imagine Myself As A Chef In Paris

We all dream of ourselves in a life we will never have, even if it isn't the one we're really meant for.

I Imagine Myself As A Chef In Paris

I know it sounds crazy, stupid even, but I imagine myself being a chef in Paris a lot more often than I probably should. I'm not a chef, nor have I ever really thought about becoming one, but there has always been a part of me saying that that's where I belong. It's just one of those weird childhood irrational dreams we all carry around with us. I'm sure that each and every one of you has, at some point in your life, had a thought similar to mine. Maybe you wanted something a little bit grander, further away or simpler, but we all have an unrealized dream that we've never pursued.

These thoughts came rushing back to me when I watched "No Reservations" on Netflix recently. The movie is in no way what the life of a Parisian chef would be like, as the film is not set in Paris. However, daydreaming of that passionate, fascinating lifestyle is something I can't help but longing for after I finished the movie. The same result occurs when I watch "Julie and Julia" or even "Ratatouille."

Though I sometimes long to be a chef, I am far from a cook. To be honest, I tend to mess things up a lot more than even doing them averagely. Before I left home to go back to school, I attempted to make brownies; a more accurate description of what resulted, though, would be chocolate pudding. I have so much talent that I managed to both simultaneously burn and undercook them. Pretty good right? My mom can vouch for me on that one.

In-between writing these sentences, I am tossing a salad. Unfortunately, I don't have the fancy salad tongs, but a simple fork and spoon do just fine. I am even thinking about going to the store to grab a chicken breast to cook up, which is something I normally wouldn't bother doing.

I want to ask you all, is this a feeling you get? Is there a movie, television series or even a book out there that you watch and then get this inexplicable feeling that it's the life you want? I can't explain it, but I'm sure I can't be alone. Maybe, for you, it's a James Bond film, and you suddenly wish you were working for the CIA. Or possibly it was "The Nanny Diaries," and you are now putting up posters all over your neighborhood letting every family of five know that you are available to babysit immediately, CPR certified and all.

It's a ridiculous thing really, and I'm sure you can all agree. It does make me wonder, however, that if I had chosen to follow these odd passions, would I watch movies about journalists and wish for a short period of time that I was writing instead? Think about all of the different routes your life could've followed and then think about why you chose the path you are currently on. I can guarantee you that what you'll find what you come up with is pretty interesting.

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