Anyone who has followed Destiny for a while knows it has had a... troubled past. The first game launched with little content and almost died but was brought back by its third expansion, The Taken King. Unfortunately, the second verse was the same as the first and Destiny 2 launched with many of the same issues as its predecessor. Recently, the game's third expansion was announced, Forsaken. It seems to hit the right notes from what has been shown but I'm still worried about it. This list isn't confirmed to be happening, I'm hoping this list doesn't come true. These are the 6 things that make me worry about Destiny 2: Forsaken

1. Will the new weapon system be completely broken

I am a veteran Destiny player and have seen some interesting weapon choices, using a Dreg's Promise to kill Crota comes to mind. However, the new weapon system has me worried. I really hope we aren't in store for a Crucible overrun by people using 3 shotguns. We don't even know the full extent of this system yet, for all we know 3 rocket launchers might be possible and then crucible will become hell on earth.

2. Bows will be completely worthless

I've been hoping for bows to be introduced to this game since The Taken King. So, when they showed the bows at the reveal, I was a happy camper. What worries me about the bows is that they are either going to be too hard to wield or they will not do enough damage to be worth it. I don't want the bows to go the way of the sidearm and grenade launcher.

3.Warlocks are going to get their self-revive back

Warlocks have always been a source of skipping or breaking mechanics. They could Nova Bomb Atheon off the edge, self-revive past the bridge section of Crota, and even could live after Crota's Oversoul. The self-revive always felt unfair since they got, what boiled down to, a do-over. If a Hunter or Titan misjudges the distance of a jump, they die and they have to deal with that, but not Warlocks, they can just push two buttons and have a do over. Bungie is adding nine new supers to the game and left out the new void Titan super and the new solar Warlock super. I'm afraid they did that because they are giving Warlocks back Fireborn.

4. The Tangled Shore will be too small

I'm hoping that The Tangled Shore will not be like Mercury, too tiny. A bunch of asteroids cobbles together doesn't sound like too much in my opinion but I hope I'm wrong. It has to support eight barons for the campaign and I don't want the same arena to play host to multiple barons. This is a minor worry but a worry nonetheless.

5. The Queen and her brother will make a token appearance

I'm big into the lore of Destiny, always have been. Bungie has been paying less attention to lore lately since they have been contradicting themselves. If you want more detail on that there are plenty of Youtubers that will have that covered. I'm afraid that Bungie is going to make The Queen and her brother just show up with no explanation and ruin the mystery of their whereabouts since their failed assault on Oryx's ship.

6. Variks won't return

Variks is a very... memorable character. Who could ever forget having "SYLOK, THE DEFILED" shouted at you? That's why I'm scared they are just going to leave him out. Hopefully he will be the vendor for The Tangled Shore. It's not likely they will forget him but, this is the studio that introduced us to the most powerful Warlock in the Destiny universe and immediately threw him away.

Those are the 6 things that have me worried about Forsaken. Warmind did a lot to restore faith in Bungie but, not all faith is back yet. I hope they get it right, I've been playing Destiny since the beta of the first game and I want this franchise to continue on. Only time will tell if we are right to worry. Till then, eyes up guardians.