'I'm Upset:' Drake's Last Words
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'I'm Upset:' Drake's Last Words

This was Drake's attempt to call Pusha-T hypocritical, and that's where Drake messed up.

'I'm Upset:' Drake's Last Words
Story of Adidon

2018 continues to never disappoint, especially when it comes to the eternal flame of the damned that is Twitter. The lovable hip-hop star, Drake, has been called out by veteran and greatly respected rapper, Pusha-T on his recent album titled " Daytona." The sole song that created the chaos was the song "Infrared," where Pusha made the initial jab at Drake by calling him out for allegedly having ghostwriters. Now, please understand the difference between having writers and having a ghostwriter. Having someone write for you and you giving them credit is a totally different subject. But someone, even on Drake's magnitude, having a ghostwriter is not only an insult to the Hip-Hop craft, but to those who listen to the rapper's music.

Drake responded with the "Duppy Freestyle" that elevated this whole situation into a full-on beef. A beef where Drake calls out Pusha for being old and getting married for some reason. A Duppy is a malevolent ghost or spirit in Jamaican lore that if you look up on Google, looks exactly like Pusha-T which is just mean. And even after the Kanye/Trump debacle, Ye is still receiving shots after Drake decided to take aim at Kanye who's known as the influence of Drake's persona and approach to music. This was Drake's attempt to call Pusha-T hypocritical, and that's where Drake made a huge mistake.

These artists came up in different situations. Drake grew up in show business, where he can be given material to dissect and can be the frontman of an overall production, in this case being the multi-platinum and multiple Grammy-winning singing rapper who speaks for the everyday soul. Pusha-T, on the other hand, was bred by the streets in the era where hood drug dealings and gangbanging were praised, versus now where we adore consuming opioids and dwelling in our feelings late at night. Since Pusha-T is poised in hostile environments, he can endure the shots Drake took and can elevate the situation to a higher level that can denounce what Drake stood for and what his message was in the music he releases.

Pusha-T releases "The Story of Adidon" Pusha's response to the Duppy Freestyle that basically calls him a hypocrite. But Pusha used the same message and now has dove deep into the life of Drake. The cover art, being used for the headline of this article, is a play on the cruel and racist representation of black people during the height of racism in this country. The black face painted on Drake is a clear jab at his devotion and contribution to black culture as a whole. But that's just the beginning of the shade because, on top of that, Pusha used the famous "The Story of OJ" sample used by Jay-Z in a song that emphasizes those who live in glory but ignore those who struggle, the huge example being OJ Simpson a famous football player who claimed to never see race, but in reality only used black culture and sympathised with them when needed. Drake, of course, had to clarify this REAL image of himself in blackface with the always undefeated PR statement pictured below...

The theme of hypocrisy is still in play, especially when Pusha brings up the fact that Drake's father left him when he was five to become a singer. How is this hypocritical? Well, Drake has apparently been doing the same thing to a child back in his home in Canada. Pusha alleges that Drake has fallen to the void where black men have fallen plenty before. A deadbeat dad who selfishly leaves a mother and child alone so he can follow his own dreams.

This is an absolute deep cut, and Twitter trolls are having a field day with it. This shot by Pusha is showing the world that Drake is really the type of guy his music ridicules and despises. A face that the public deems as innocent and charming is actually a bad guy who doesn't know how to, and I quote, "Write his wrongs, or writes his songs". But the title of the track is what solidifies what Pusha is implying. "Adidon" was supposedly the name of Drake's new fashion line with Adidas, the same company that produces Kanye West's fashion line "Yeezy". Pusha emphasizes that instead of actually spending time with his baby mother or providing real moments with his son, Drake will just give his son clothes and baby momma some money to keep quiet. Because after all, she is a pornstar and that can really hurt Drake's image...

Drake has to come back and defend himself and to at least clarify the situation at hand. His reputation could be tarnished if puts back a weak response to Pusha or if his baby momma comes out and voices her side of the situation. Pusha-T is up 2-1, and can easily sweep the series if he plays his cards right or if Drake responds to the track.

But like I said before, these two artists come from two different sides of the industry and will have different reactions and approaches to this matter. Drake releases his anticipated summer album this June, and I'm wondering if he dissed someone else on that album and doesn't want beef with two rappers at the same time. All in all, these two continue to come out on top and are just subjects of the now. After this dies out and when Twitter is on to a different beef, you can listen to Pusha-T's album "Daytona" or listen to Drake's "I'm Upset" while you watch hunched over on your phone because this is important to you for some reason...now I'm Upset...

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