When I was younger I couldn't wait until it was June 14th as it would approach each year, because on that day I was born and I would throw a party with all my friends. I would write down all the gifts that I wanted on a list and give it to my mom. I would capitalize and emphasize the ones that I really wanted and would continuously bug my mom about it. I would always ask for a cookie cake because I was absolutely obssessed with Mrs. Field's cookie cake and would want it every year. Every birthday when I was younger I would want the best cake to have and also ate it with my friends. I truly miss the days that you would plan just about everything and pick out your cake and go out to dinner with all your friends and open all the presents they gave you.

To be completely honest, I miss being genuinely excited about it all and celebrating with my closest friends. I still get really excited about but not like I used too because it was extra special when you were younger. The older you get the less you care about it because you get busier and your age isn't always constantly on your mind. This year I am spending my 20th birthday working for my job and that tells you that you are bascially an adult and life is changing every second. Please keep in mind that this Itself isn't bad but you get busier you are, the older you get.

Overtime, my perspective has changed because I know it is hard to celebrate your birthday once you get older because of jobs or whatever you are doing at the moment. I wish that every year it could always be when you were young because you enjoyed it much more. Sometimes I also fid myself taking advantage of my birthday since you I am old and it is just another regular day in the life. Its kind of sad and I really do wish that I was young for the rest of my life. Another perspective I have is that my birthday is just another way of telling me that I am getting older which kind of freaks me out to be honest.

Especially from me currently because I am 19 today and will be twenty years old tommorrow so I am officially in the 20's. I am not a teenager anymore and it comes with a lot more responsibilities. I have two years left until being done with college and getting a job as well as finding my place in the real world. It's pretty exciting once you think about it a little more because you are starting your life and finding something interseting that you actually want to learn about. Instead of learning a subject that you have to take in college or high school that is required that you won't need for the rest of your life.

At the end of the day birthdays are a special time for you and I as for us all. It is one of the only days that you can celebrate yourself and get away with it. It's a celebration for you and making memories with all your friends and family. Its about you and just loving the day and everyone around you.

"Cakes are special. Every birthday. Eevery celebration ends with something sweet. A cake, and people It's all about the memories." Abishek Bachchan