I make lists for everything. I make physical lists, lists on my phone, and lists in my head. I’m deathly afraid of forgetting to do something. Whether it is forgetting to submit homework, show up for work, or to follow through on plans. Not sure why I’m so afraid of not remember things, I just always assume I will forget.

Lists have become an important part of my day. They keep me reliable for my responsibilities now that I am on my own and have to motivate myself.So, open any notebook I have and there is some sort of things to do list. I keep a list of my homework in my little pocket agenda. I have another list saved as a screensaver and lock screen on my phone and it is important to mention that both of these lists are different.

Sometimes they are alphabetized, other times they are color coordinated. Some have a specific order of importance and other times there is no rhyme or reason. Sometimes I’ll even use sticky notes to divide by time or importance, depending on what it may be. Hence, why I love shopping trips to Staples.

These lists range from school, to work, and personal life. I think I make so many lists because I feel the stress start to ease as one item gets crossed off. The more I cross off the less suffocated I feel. And in all honesty, when I lay out all my responsibilities out in front of me I am more willing to do it and manage my time better along with it.

I have found, being in college, that these lists are key to manage academics and my social life. It helps me to prioritize what matters and to know what can wait. It has made me the kind of person who will make sure all of her ducks are in a row before going out with all her friends. I am thankful that my attempts to stay organized has helped me on how to prioritize, too.

This strategy is not for everyone, but it is something I suggest everyone tries out. It establishes self accountability, something that I have been really learning the importance of in college. You must be accountable for yourself, your responsibilities, and your actions when you are on your own. By keep track of what you have to do and when you have to do it, you are helping yourself prevent self disappointment.