I'm Single And Getting Impatient

They say that patience is a virtue, proving to others that you have what it takes to contently wait for life’s plans; you have the ability to set high standards for yourself and won’t settle for anything less. My mind has been trying to wrap itself around this idea, looking for flashing signs and waving arms for the "right time" and answers.

I sometimes come to the conclusion that if life won't make it happen, then why can't I? But there is a reason for everything, they say; you just have to wait for it. I won't lie, I feel like I've been waiting long enough. I indulge myself in scriptures and ask people for advice, always coming back to the same message that being single means I can flourish in my friendships, focus on endlessly creating myself, and grow in faith alone.

I can confidently say that I have proven these things to be true. I am not the same person I was a year and a half ago. What are distant memories and feelings, I can only imagine them now. How amazing is that -- to be in a such a sweet spot of life with the knowledge that you are not the broken person you were months ago?

With this independence in mind, I tend to find that I am still in search of something else, someone else, to share my accomplishments with. I like to think that my heart is capable of loving and supporting another person other than myself, and I think it's okay to have the desire to want to feel loved by a certain someone. We are only human. We all need to feel loved.

I think the problem we often see in our generation is the rush to find "the one." Quite honestly, I feel bad for how complicated we've made things. Using phrases like, "We're just talking" or describing yourself as a "yellow light." Everything we hear is questionable and has made us untrustworthy of each other.

We base our thoughts and opinions on Instagram posts and 15-minute coffee dates. In the rush of it all, I feel like we tend to lose a piece of ourselves, thinking maybe if I stop doing this they'll like me better. It's completely okay to want to feel liked and loved, but it's not okay to lose sight of the strong, independent person you know you're capable of being.

Flourishing in my singleness has given me a lot of opportunities and time to set my standards and have the mindset to not settle for anything less. I am learning the process of patience and making the most of what life is giving right now, in this moment.

So please, I ask you to gain love, independence, and patience for you and only you. Do not try to awaken love before its time. After all, patience is a virtue.

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