9 Signs That You Are A Shopaholic
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I have a confession to make: I'm a total shopaholic. I work very hard at two part-time jobs and put a lot of money into savings, but no matter what I do I cannot stop shopping. Boutique clothing is my weakness, especially since new pieces arrive constantly.

I never thought I'd be this way. I've always been super conservative with my money, until the last year or so anyway. However, my experience has given me the ability to help others from falling down the rabbit hole. Here's my guide to knowing you're a shopaholic:

1. You're either spending or debating spending money on unnecessary things.


It's like always being in the Dollar Aisle at Target. You KNOW you'll never actually use the mason jar mug you just HAD to have, but you'll buy it anyway because c'mon it was only $3.

2. You're out of room in your closet.


I've had to buy more hangers multiple times in the last year. Keep in mind hangers aren't sold individually. Oops.

3. You spent $20 on something you could've gotten for $12.


I'm seriously considering ordering a $24 cutsey ball cap. I know that number is insane for a hat, but I want it so bad I honestly might own it by the time this article is posted (thanks Amazon!).

4. You've gotten really good at maneuvering resale groups both as a seller and a shopper.


I've finally reached the point that I can both price my items correctly to sell and determine what is actually worth my money.

5. Opening Facebook has become very dangerous.


I'm ashamed to admit that I'm in well over 10 shopping groups on Facebook. Facebook is no longer a social media website. Facebook is a shopping website.

6. You're drowning in unworn or unopened items.


There are tags on multiple clothing pieces in my closet. I don't want to return them. This is an issue (okay but really it's just because the weather won't agree with what I want to wear).

7. You've found a community that shares your addiction.


In one of my Facebook groups, women constantly joke about how much they've ordered and how their husbands/families have reacted to their shopping. The whole group can relate because we're all addicted.

8. All of your friends are sick of hearing about your obsession.


I'm out of people, besides my fellow shopaholic friends, to talk to about how I just can't live without something and my complaints about

9. No matter how low your bank balance gets, you don't want to stop.


My account has about $50 less than what I'm comfortable with. I'm still watching a shopping video while I write this. Wow, I have a problem.

If you suffer from more than one of these symptoms, welcome to the very unfortunate, but totally worth it, shopaholic club. We're happy to have you, even if your bank account isn't.

Now, I can't finish this article without putting in a plug for my favorite online stores. Check them out and join me in shopping too much! (This is an unsponsored post)

Royal and Reese (join their Facebook group as well!)

Chic N' Threads Boutique

Blessed Bucket Boutique

Piphany (here's the link to my favorite retailer!)

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