I'm Running Out Of Netflix Shows To Binge
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I'm Running Out Of Netflix Shows To Binge

Because of COVID-19, I have spent all my time inside my house more specifically watching Netflix.

I'm Running Out Of Netflix Shows To Binge

Earlier this morning I found out through email that my return to high school has been pushed back until April 20th. My last day of high school is May 1st, which means once I return on the 20th, I only have about two weeks left of actual high school. That has me feeling all sorts of emotions but mainly the fact I have another three and half weeks of Netflix binging to do.

I have done started watching Supernatural (which has more than ten seasons), Once Upon A Time (which has seven seasons), and I'm finishing YOU season two. You're probably thinking that there are way more series out there for me to watch but I have done watched them all. Jane The Virgin? Yep seen it. Glee? Seen all of it twice through. The Office? Who hasn't seen it. Well what about Stranger Things? I've seen all the episodes five times through. So see, I am put in some sort of predicament, there is plenty of Netflix series for me to watch out there but only half of them actually interest me.

I am trying to find other hobbies to do like reading or journaling but I can't seem to get into them. I have probably done over a hundred face masks and put on gallons of self tanner. Yes, you heard me, self tanner. Since I can't go to the tanning salon I have had to pick up other ways of looking like I went on a corona-cation. Some people are still traveling and going to the beaches but I would rather not take those chances. I would rather stay inside and do the necessary quarantine so this virus will slow down and go away.

So if any of you have a Netflix series for me to watch, that I haven't mentioned, let me know!

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To my boyfriend's parents,

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