I'm A Netflix Documentary Nerd And Proud

Most people watch Netflix for a certain show. I do it, you do it, the random person sitting in the corner of the crowded restaurant you're in also does it. However, I also use Netflix to watch documentaries. Netflix honestly has some of the best documentaries I have ever seen and I love to watch them. They are something I use to pass time if I cannot find a show or movie to watch on Netflix. This is just one reason why Netflix is awesome!

One thing I have always been into is learning about World War II and Netflix makes that super easy because they have so many different documentaries about World War II. These cover topics from Winston Churchill to Hitler. They just make time go by so much faster. Normal people have a hard time picking from the variety of the shows on Netflix, I have a hard time picking a documentary to watch on Netflix. I know, I am a nerd.

There are also documentaries on the British Royal Family and I am not gonna lie, I may have a slight obsession with the Royal Family so I was pretty happy when I saw this. There is literally a six part docu-series about the Royal Family and it honestly was my favorite thing on Netflix for the longest time! This series talked about everything Royal Family related and it was really interesting to get to see a glimpse into the life of one of the most notable families on Earth. There was even an episode devoted to the pets of the Royal Family and there is a solid 13-15 minutes just about the Queen's corgis. This might be where I get my unhealthy corgi obsession from but it is fine!

Not only does Netflix have documentaries for the above two things, they literally have documentaries on just about everything. A lot of the Netflix documentaries come from PBS or National Geographic but still, they are good to watch. Like I recently watched a documentary about the manhunt for the Boston Bombers. I also recently watched a documentary called "Code Black" that is a medical documentary. Documentaries are something easy to watch because you do not have to dedicate weeks of you're life watching them. You may have to only dedicate a couple hours to maybe three days top to watch them.

Not only are documentaries shorter than series' on Netflix, they also are more interesting, at least to me. When I watch a documentary I get to see into the life of someone else and I get to see what they had to deal with. Or I get to educate myself about something I am interested in. I also have a hard time committing to a show on Netflix or sitting through a movie and documentaries make it so I do not have to commit for a long period of time and so that I can still be interested in what I am watching. I consider this a win-win situation. So Netflix documentaries are a win-win for me!

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