I'm In Love (With "La La Land") And I Ain't Ashamed

I'm In Love (With "La La Land") And I Ain't Ashamed

It's a modern musical with Ryan Gosling in a polyester (wool) suit. How can anyone resist?

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I've been talking about La La Land a lot. I saw it for the first time right after Christmas, and I fell in love. I saw it again a few weeks later, and fell in love all over again.

I bought the soundtrack. Do you know how many times I've bought the soundtrack to a film? Never, that's how many times.

I bring it up in conversation often. I tell people that they need to see it (because they absolutely do). I mean, how can you not fall in love with this (14-time Oscar Nominated) film?

Look at him whistling (listen to him whistling here).

Look at him dancing.

Look at him passionately defend jazz.

Look at them fall in love even as they sing about not falling in love.

In case I haven't been clear enough, I love La La Land. I've been whistling and singing the songs for weeks straight. It's (probably) really annoying to those that are around me on a regular basis. But I can't hide my affection!

Thinking about how much I love this film, and how much it has consumed me and made me recommend it to others, I've come to realize something.

This film is just that: a film. It's not something that's incredibly important to me. I mean, yeah, it's entertaining, and witty, and beautiful, and emotional, and everything that a film should be.

But it's not a part of the very fiber of my being. It doesn't make up my moral code, or drive my actions. You know what does? Or rather, Who does? Jesus.

So why don't I talk about Jesus as much as I've been talking about La La Land? Why don't I passionately share His wonderful qualities with others, and tell them they just have to experience Him?

Jesus drives me. Jesus is the reason I do what I do. Jesus is the One I go to when I have no idea what the heck is going on in my life. So what's stopping me from talking about Him?

What drives you? Who drives you? What is so important to you that you can't help but think about it / them on a regular basis?

Share it. Share them. Share Him.

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