Coffee Will Forever Be My Lover
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Sorry, Babe, I'm Also In A Relationship With Coffee

I'll never break up with my coffee for a cup of tea.

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Brooke Stiles

With all of the recent diet trends and strides as a society to be healthier, I have noticed people giving up their coffee for tea or some other invigorating drink.

For me, this is not an option. Coffee is not just a drink but a hobby.

I wake up in the morning and look forward to opening my can of coffee grinds and dumping them into my Ninja coffee bar maker.

I wait patiently for the water to heat.

Then, finally, the first drop of coffee hits my cup and the fresh smell stimulates my brain.

I love the crisp aroma of coffee filling a room and luring me into the first sip.

I enjoy purchasing cute little coffee cups with all different shapes, designs, and sizes.

I find peace in spending time in coffee shops I found on yelp in every city I travel to.

I desire not just my favorite cup but also indulging in different types of mochas, lattes, hot/cold coffees, and flavors.

I adore the calmness of a local, trendy coffee shop full of hipsters so focused on their books and laptops.

I also owe my college career to coffee.

My love for coffee and coffee shops allowed me to find new, cozy study spots to get a break from the good ol' library.

It enables me to be focused and concentrate on studying and doing homework.

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It enhances my mood while studying which helps me be motivated to sit down and complete what I need to do.

If it wasn't for endless cups of coffee during late nights and early mornings I don't think I would be able to survive the rigorousness of a Biology degree.

Coffee also assists me in an easy way to make new friends by asking them to go grab a cup of coffee and get to know each other.

Coffee has always been there for me and I'm never breaking up with it.

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