Until I got into college, I had always witnessed the way women were treated every day and hated it. Women were looked down in the most condescending way and it really affected my self-esteem as a girl for ages because of this. Most countries in Africa, due to the history of its culture, have a patriarchal society; now this would have been great if we were still in the 1800's but right now, it is really frustrating. When a girl is born she is trained all her life to be the "perfect woman" and wife for when she gets married. She is not taken seriously if she does not have a man beside her which is why most times, men intimidate women with marriage if she does not behave as is accepted. She is literally expected to ignore her inner dreams and goals in order to do what society expects of her.

I believe as humans we are all equal.

God or whatever higher power you believe in created us with the same bodily features, excluding people who are disabled. In that case, no man is higher than any woman whatsoever, everybody deserves to be treated equally. No one deserves to be discriminated because the society decided eons ago that women were too "weak' to handle certain situations. Meanwhile, the midterm elections we recently had disproved this fact. A large number of women who ran for political seats showed that women were willing to break boundaries in order to prove our potential to want to add to change in the world and nothing was going to stop us.

Feminism is not just for women alone.

If you are human with emotions and you check the news online, you would see daily reports of women being oppressed around the world. Men should also be open to seeing the discrimination happening against women happening around them, they don't have to wait for it to personally happen to them before they get the urge to act against it.

It is the 21st century, women are not just born to play roles as "baby makers" and to take care of the family. We have dreams and goals we want to achieve. Some of us dream to be president one day, some of us wish to own our own billion-dollar companies one day. The responsibility to make the world a better place does not rest on the shoulders of just one gender, it rests on everyone irrespective of it.