I Don't Need Anyone To "Complete" Me

You'll find the person that completes you someday.

We hear it so often lately that it's ridiculous.

Which implies that I'm not already whole and need someone else to complete me. That's an issue because it creates the idea that people aren't whole on their own, and it makes people feel broken when they can't find someone they want to be with.

It's ok to be alone sometimes, but it's even more ok to be happy being alone. People are already complete beings on their own.

When people get into a relationship, they should people that compliment each other. Whether its the opposites that attract or its the exact same, relationships aren't meant to make a person whole. They're meant to be a person that you work together with to create something more, but its not completing another person.

No one is half of a person waiting for someone to come along and make them one whole person.

It doesn't matter if someone's been through a lot and they're still dealing with, if they have disabilities, if they have a disease, or if they're just lonely. It doesn't make you any less complete.

This idea that people aren't complete until they find someone else that they could live the rest of their life with is toxic to people. It's why people are more and more likely to go through multiple relationships as they look for the one.

There's no problem with people wanted to find the person they want to be with, but when it becomes a quest to be "complete", its an issue. No one deserves to think they aren't whole.

Everyone has their interests, their dislikes, their hobbies, their friends, their family, hopes, and dreams. They're a complete person on their own, and they deserve to feel that way instead of thinking they need someone to complete them.

It shouldn't be to the point where that's family members first question when someone comes home for a break from college.

So who are you dating? Seeing anyone?

Don't worry, you'll find someone.

I'm happy being alone because I'm a whole person. I don't need someone to complete me, and no one else does either.

If someone wants a relationship, it should make them happy and fulfilled, but not complete. Everyone is already whole and complete. There's nothing wrong with being single, and there's nothing wrong with being in a relationship.

It's when you feel like that is the only thing that makes you whole is it a problem.

You can still wait for the right person to come along while enjoying yourself alone. Being happy with yourself is amazing because you can discover yourself on your own, and if you get in a relationship, you can continue to do so with that person.

When you let another person complete you though, you might develop yourself in a way to become completely dependent on that person instead. That can be toxic because it will result in not knowing how to be yourself if something happens to the relationship.

You're already whole, and when you enter a relationship, remember that.

You're already complete, you're already amazing.

You don't need to be made complete because you already are.

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