The rise of psychology is insane. Everyone wants to understand the mind, feelings, and why we think a certain way. Why do we act this way? Why is she or he so angry? What part of his or her childhood or past experiences got them at this point? While I completely understand the interest as I am also a psychology major with a criminal justice minor—I am terrified. I am terrified merely because it feels like I will not be able to do what I love or help people in the future which I have wanted to do my whole life. As I sit here in my psychology internship class, I realize my chances of becoming a forensic psychologist continues to grow to be more challenging.

There are all these different levels of psychology jobs: psychology in general (yes I realize the confusion here, but just give me a second), social work, and counseling with minor differences in licensure and classes in graduate schools. I am looking at my internship in a nutshell and as great of an opportunity I know it is and the doors it could open for me in forensics and criminal/victim advocacy, I see so much challenge and competition ahead of me as well. It is sad because I have already ruled out my dream job of being a behavioral analyst for the FBI due to the fun fact that there are only five total in the United States. So the next best thing would be forensics in general. But at what level? Criminal and/or victim counseling? Social work where I remove children from horrible situations such as domestic violence or abuse? Or do I try for the big girl job as a criminal psychologist in a federal prison? All of it is super confusing and because of this, I am scared for the challenges and choices ahead.

Although my fear has been duly noted, as a psychology major, I realize the importance of following something you love and something you are passionate about. And when you find that certain something that makes your everyday life more interesting and makes you want to do life a little bit better, you have to stick with it. It is imperative for yourself to follow those passions. And for that, I am definitely going to make sure I work towards my goals. How important it is to make others feel comfortable after a legal and possibly extremely traumatizing even is what I want to live for and what I want to do for the rest of my life. Understand what kind of criminal acts how the way they do is fueling information for me and how I am hoping I will be able to help others in the future. Although psychology is on the rise, I refuse to fall. Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes and nothing can stop me from being that hand to anyone who needs it.