Illinois Will Always Be Home

Around this time last year I was starting the processes of choosing a college that I would spend all my time for the next four years. I gave my self three guidelines to follow:

1. Move to a big city.

2. Go to a university to experience the new environment.

3. Be far enough away from home so I cant go home all the time, but close enough as to where I can get home if needed.

Being eighteen with the thought of being freed from all the rules you had to follow while living with your parents, made me want to experience going away to college at an university even more. I moved over one hundred miles away from my family and friends, I never imagined taking this huge step so short after high school graduation.

While I was living in Illinois, I always thought there wasn't anything to do when you were bored, so I thought going into the city there would be more opportunities to do more. I was completely wrong (in a way). This city has endless places to shop, restaurants, and places to hang out with friends, but being the broke college student that I am, everything and I mean everything here cost money. Being a full time student while living in the city can be overwhelming at times. Milwaukee has never really felt like my second home as I am here for college, it feels as if it was against me since the moment I arrived on move in day.

But this made me appreciate my small town in Illinois a lot more. Sometimes I wish I could go back to relaxing at home with dogs and family.

No matter how much I said during my senior year of high school how much I wanted to move away, I never thought I would want to come back. Whether it was counting the stars with the people you love, sitting at McDonalds with good friends until 1am, going to Krape Park, or to Union Dairy whenever you can. There are so many things I took for granted while I was home for the last eighteen years. I have come to the realization that my small town in Illinois, will always be considered as home no matter how far away I am.

We all go through the phase of being tired of the same things every day. The same streets, same restaurants, same four way stops, and the same people you grew up with. But when you leave the place you are so familiar with, you start to miss the feeling of comfort at home. Every time I come home, I don't want to leave. Something about being home with family and friends feels a lot better than being alone in a big city. Everything seems so easy and comfortable.

There are so many things that make Illinois home and I am so excited to be able spend time there over the summer and be satisfied with being back where I belong.

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