5 Things You HAVE to do if You're a Christian Voter

It’s hard for us Christians to integrate our faith into our civic duties. There is a constant pressure to let people know we’re acting “Christian-y” in everything we do. With this in mind, I’ve written up five things every Christian should feel pressured to do before voting day.

  1. Have as many convicting political conversations with other believers as possible before they vote. It’s your duty to keep the other Christians in line with how you think Jesus would cast His ballot. And trust me, your one conversation with that person from church could be the difference between national safety and sending America to hell in a handbasket.
  2. Pressure your pastor into telling you who he’s voting for. Sometimes they don’t like to talk about it because they don’t endorse anyone, but there’s ways around that. “You don’t really think [candidate you hate] will do what Jesus wants, do you?” Watch their facial expressions. Mission accomplished.
  3. Use small groups to weed out misguided voters. There’s only a few people and they’re all stuck together in the same room—the timing couldn’t be more perfect. And don’t worry about freaking out the visitors. They’ll love the passion.
  4. Squeeze the words “for Jesus” in on your “I Voted” sticker. People will probably think you’re republican—just a fair warning for our Christian democrats. But if you’re someone who’s “not down with the system,” you’d probably get by with crossing it out and putting “Jesus for president”.

    And finally,
  5. Please, PLEASE don’t take anything in this article seriously.

I jest, but I only feel free to because I haven’t seen much of these things happening in my Christian community. The only thing my brothers and sisters have done is remind me of a much bigger picture: this voting season, our duty isn’t to represent Christianity; it is to represent Christ. Not just with our vote, but with the way we go about it. And along with our faith in Him comes a much happier ending, regardless of who takes office. So take heart, my friends. God’s already got the plan figured out.

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