If You Love Them, Stop Hesitating To Tell Them

If You Love Them, Stop Hesitating To Tell Them

they can only be around for so long.

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Recently, I've stumbled upon the topic of commitment issues. Some people have been dealing with commitment issues all their life. Whether it is with relationships with family, friends, or someone that you truly life. Now I am not just talking about a little crush, I am talking about someone that you truly care about. Now for some, I can understand why commitment seems to be an issue. For most, commitment means that you have to shift your life and yourself just for that person. That is not the case. Just because you want to be with someone doesn't mean that they are expecting you to change. One thing I'm constantly struggling with is that if my family and friends are not on the same level that I am on emotionally, I tend to get resentful and a bit cold. I don't like the feeling, but that is only because I just don't seem to understand why they don't want to be on the same level as I am on. In life, not everyone is going to have the same mindset as you do. One thing I need to remember is that not everyone is going to think like you especially when it comes to relationships. Yes, you really love them but that does not mean that you need to be with them right away. I ask myself sometimes why certain things take so long. Why do they come easier to other people, and why can't this happen at the right time? The truth is, none of us know when the right time for anything is. Last year, I was struggling trying to remove the process that you need to be with this perfect person in order to be happy and filled. That is not the case. By learning to love you first is the most important love that you can have

.This year alone, I am learning to fall in love with me all over again. Especially when it comes to my flaws. My flaws are mine for a reason. They are what make me unique and one one else can take that away from me. Also, I have seen many dysfunctional relationships to where instead of trying to force the most perfect relationship, I should be focusing on myself first. By forcing the situation it is not going to make things happen overnight. Yes, as much as I want it to happen I know that it is something that God is going to take his time on. Which brings up another point. I grew up in a Christian household where I was taught that certain things happen only by faith. But no, I did not grow up in a crazy Christian household where if I made a mistake all hell would break lose. If I made a mistake with anything, no one would hold it against me forever. It would just mean that I would just have to learn to do better for next time. But regardless of that, I think that everything in life is presented the way that it is because it is all based on the timing that God is on. Maybe it is not meant for me to be in a relationship right now because I need to focus on myself. Maybe certain people can't commit to certain relationships because it is not meant to be in the moment. However, just because the timing is not where it should be doesn't mean that you should not be stopped from telling someone that you really care about them. What is the worse that can happen other than them not feeling the same way? By you waiting to tell someone how you feel, it will only make the other person feel like they did something wrong or even worse. The worse mistake any man or woman can make is giving the person you care about to someone else. By you making that mistake, you will never be able to live with yourself. I'm here to say to those reading this, don't make that mistake. Don't give the ones you love away to someone else. LET THEM KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! If not, you'll just be living with nothing but regret. Don't keep living with regret!! That person you care about can only be around for so long.

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