If You Had to Choose a Superpower, What Would It Be?

If You Had to Choose a Superpower, What Would It Be?

The answer is obvious, duh?

What super power would I choose? Easy question, allow me to explain.

Intangibility; the underdog of all superpowers, trivialized and forgotten about, but exponentially more valuable than all the rest. This mutant power allows one to pass through solid form without harm to oneself. Essentially, the ability to defy the laws of physics and gravity at will. This power grants access to every closed door, locked gate and the secrets that lay behind them. How did the majority of comic creators and cartoon designers forget about this superpower? One can only guess. But this is by far one of the most superior powers to exist.

Every human can only count the number of times they’ve locked themselves out of a car or house until they feel pathetic. Next time your key decides to play a sick joke on you, phase through the metal, wood or steel that stands in your way through absolute control of molecular density. Are you late for a meeting on the first floor and the only elevator available has a thirty-five-minute wait? Just plummet through the floor, with grace and class.

Ever need to avoid an ex but have limited hiding options?

Intangibility allows you to literally hide in a wall, a tree trunk or a refrigerator evading inevitable awkward small talk and/ or humiliation.

Not only is this the most convenient power to have, but it ensures protection. Are you locked in a shed fifty miles deep in a tropical rainforest? Phase through the walls and emerge as an absolute badass. Stuck in a bathroom with a dead phone and no windows? Transcend through the tile.

Let’s also not forget, it’s almost impossible to get hurt. No more bruises from walking into glass doors, paper cuts, and of course, the most gruesome of them all; the toe stub. Your big toe will forever be indebted to you; after securing the power of intangibility your foot will glide through your bedpost. Unfortunately for every other being, they are imposed with the laws of physics limiting their movement and flexibility.

Sure, maybe Superman can fly, but what happens if he flies into a building? SPLAT is the answer. Spiderman can use his spidey-senses to combat all obstacles thrown at him. But what could Shadowcat do? She manipulates space to WALK through the obstacles, almost like it is too easy.

Leave the other superpowers to the amateurs, and indulge yourself with intangibility like I would.

Cover Image Credit: BagoGames via Flickr.com

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The 9 Most Life-Changing Target Aisles, Ranked From Best To Best

Let Target tell you what you need.


With the help of some fellow valued Target customers, I successfully compiled a list of Target aisles from most visited least visited. In doing so, I am convinced I broke Facebook by asking people to decide between aisles, but it was definitley worth it.

For me, Office Supplies is number one, followed closely by Home Decor. I like to think one day I can buy every single thing I see in each section. As a broke college student, that dream seems almost impossible. Target gives me hope, however, that if there is a will there is a way.

I don't ever want to say an aisle in Target is not loved, because no one actually dislikes a Target aisle. This list is simply to show which aisles draw people in the most.

1. Home Decor

"I need those pillows"

"The aisle with the decorative throw pillows that I don't need but I want so badly."

"Curtains and bookcases"

"I am a slut for blankets and water bottles."

"I could be in there forever. I have planned like every room of my future house in like one visit once."

"Chip and Joanna Gaines."

2. Dollar Section

"It has all the holiday socks for $1"

"I swear I spend 90% of my time in Target there."

"It is the most Target thing in Target."

3. Office Supplies

"I love me some colored pens"

"I am a pathetic sucker for a good pen and I love a good organization tool."

"I bullet journal so I am obsessed with pens/markers."

4. Beauty


"Even though I don't wear a lot of makeup, I somehow always end up stopping by those aisles!"

"Nail polish. I always gravitate to the nail polish, spend 20 minutes deciding what colors I like, and end up not buying any."

"The end of the aisles where the clearance section is because you can find some good things for like $2."

"Face washes."

5. Kitchen Decor


"Pots and pans, to plates and bowls"

5. Clothes

"Clothing, PJs, and socks."

7. Books

"Those 30% stickers really get me."

"Fiction books!!"

8. Food

Caitlin Johnston

"Everything looks so good, so I stroll by just to test myself."

9. Technology

"I like looking at the new phones & Apple watches."

"One time I found a Fitbit on sale for $30 because it was an online return!"

10. Honorable Mentions

Candles, Stationary, Clearance, Baby Section, Seasonal Section

"I LOVE me some Target!"

P.S. - Shoutout to Anna for taking all these photos and to Syracuse Target for letting me do me.

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10 Things You'll Need Before Going On A Haunted House Tour This October

During October, it gets chilly, so it is best to take a sweater to stay warm (and to hide in).


Haunted houses are definitely my favorite thing about autumn. And with the spookiest month of the year approaching, you might find yourself going on a haunted house tour.

Here are some essentials to bring with you to any haunted house. I hope this will make your scaring a little easier on you.

1. An empty stomach

You never know how scary the haunted house will be, so it is better the be safe than sorry!

You may have to run, and a full stomach would just slow you down.

2. Your friends

It is better to go to scary houses with a group of friends. You need to have people around you at all times to hold on to.

That is, unless you say a friends name, or they say yours, and the actors just repeat your name in scary voices over and over again. (True story! Thanks, Mom.)

3. A good old pair of running shoes

You'll need these for comfort (and potentially to save your life).

4. A flashlight (and batteries)

If you go on an outdoor trail tour, you will absolutely need a flash light — and extra batteries.

5. A pull over or hoodie

During October, it gets chilly, so it is best to take a sweater to stay warm (and to hide in).

6. Your phone and charger

Most horror houses do not permit flash photography or cell phone usage, but if you get lost and seriously cannot find your way out, you'll have your cell phone!

7. A stable heart

Your heart is definitely going to be racing the whole night, so make sure you aren't going to have a heart attack from being scared.

8. Water 

Your adrenaline is going to be pumping. Drink some water to cool down.

9. Money

All of the running, screaming and pure terror will help you build up an appetite. Concessions are expensive, though, so have some cash on you!

10. A backpack

This one's for storing all your other necessities!

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