If The Disney Princesses' Went To College In The South
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If The Disney Princesses' Went To College In The South

If some of the princesses' decided to attend a university, this is where you'd find them.

If The Disney Princesses' Went To College In The South

Now that we have been blessed with Disney+, watching your old favorite Disney princess movies has never been easier! I watched most of them again over these past few weeks and I can securely say that I still love these bad b*tches.

Watching all these movies got me thinking though, where would all these gals go to college? Florida State? Alabama? Like would they be a Pike dream girl? Would they bartend at HH? These are the things that keep me up at night.

Below is a list of where I think some of the legendary women would attend school. I didn't include all of the princesses, just the one's whose films I've rewatched recently. So still shout out to the other princesses, because I know that they would all go to fabulous colleges also!

1. Snow White - Florida State University

Obviously the first-ever Disney princess, the OG baddie herself, Snow White! With hair as black as night and skin as white as snow, you know she'd be doing Y-bombs with the girls on game day. I could see her potentially being in Chi O. Down here in Tally, Snow would be the fairest of them all for sure.

2. Cinderella - Florida State University

The second princess, and one of the other original influencers, Cinderella. Sorry, y'all but Cindy would go to FSU also, I just know it. She would probably be in Adpi or KD. Cindy would also definitely be stumbling down the Recess stairs, just like she stumbled down those stairs after the ball and lost her glass slipper (talk about being tipsy and losing her shoes, smh)!

3. Ariel - Auburn University

Ariel would go to Auburn. There are two reasons I believe this. The first being that she would want to stay far away from the water so that way her dad can't get her back, and what's more landlocked than the middle of Alabama? Nothing! The second reason I think she would go to Auburn is that I can just see her now, slinging back shots at SkyBar with the other senior girls (which she would've closed down on her 21st).

4. Belle - University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)

Belle would hands-down go to the University of Mississippi. She would be the first one in the Grove on game day, and the first person to suggest leaving Funky's later that night to go get chicken on a stick (or The DSB for a secret grilled cheese, *wink*). A "ring-by-spring" wouldn't be an issue for Belle, because her name means beauty! She would have those boys from Jackson lined up and down the square.

5. Aurora - University of Florida

Aurora would be slumming it down in Gainesville, at the University of Florida. She would spend most of her weekends visiting her sister-princesses at their respective schools because she wishes that she went to another university. When you did find her out in Gainesville, she would be at Fats (not the downtown one) or Dog. I think Aurora would also be a wicked smart STEM major.

6. Rapunzel - University of Alabama

Rapunzel with her way too long slicked back pony would thrive in Tuscaloosa. A typical game day for her -after spending hours doing her hair- she'd drink some yellow-hammers with the girls, then hit Innisfree, and maybe end the night with one of the Sigma Chi boys.

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