If My Child Should Come Out as Transgender

If My Child Should Come Out as Transgender

I would not treat them any differently.


I saw an article this week discussing what an individual would do if their child came out as transgender. This particular author believed that they would not allow it to happen, and that while the child was under their care, they could not change their gender identity. I accept the fact that everyone has their own morals and values, but I cannot imagine not allowing my future children to identify as whatever gender or orientation they are.

I identify as a lesbian, and I find that a majority of people I come into contact with support me. I know what it means to have a love that is so opposed by some people. I am lucky to live in a society where marriage equality is growing in support, but I cannot imagine living in a different world. Although I know what it means to be different from what society considers "normal," I have never considered my own gender.

I am a cisgender woman, meaning that my sex and gender match, and have matched my entire life. I am a female, and I have female anatomy. I still come across people who are unaware that sex and gender are two separate things. Sex is biology, gender is how one identifies. A transgender individual may choose to have surgery to match their gender to their outward appearance, but this is not required. One's anatomy does not dictate their gender. I support this idea with all of my being. Transgender individuals are not simply suffering from a psychological illness. Transgender individuals deserve to live as the gender they are. If one day I have a child, I will not force them to remain the gender they feel does not fit them. I will not make them feel as though they are wrong or bad for feeling like their body does not fit their gender. I would want to educate those around me about transgender rights and issues, ignorance does not justify arrogance.

I would want myself and my family to be my child's biggest cheerleaders. I would want them to know that they would always have people who supported and loved them, regardless of how they identify. I would be certain to respect pronouns, name changes, or clothing styles. I would allow them to consider steps in the direction of a transition if they would like to consider that decision. Of course I would involve the necessary doctors and therapists, but I would not tell them to repress their emotions or their identity. I was lucky enough to grow up with a family that supported me through finding my own identity, and I know they would do the same if I were to have a transgender child someday.

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