If College Majors Were Pizza
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If College Majors Were Pizza

Who doesn't love pizza?

If College Majors Were Pizza

Pizza and college go along hand in hand, the pair is as dynamic as peanut butter and jelly. A college student who doesn't eat pizza at least once a week, is simply not a college student. It's only natural for me to explain what each college major would be in pizza form.

Business Majors: Cheese Pizza

College students who are business majors, accounting majors, or marketing majors usually have personalities that are straight forward, since their majors require them to be straight to the point- hence cheese pizza.

Communications Majors: Hawaiian Pizza

Students who study Journalism, Public Relations, Media Studies, or Communication have to be creative and open-minded to new/controversial ideas in order to produce interesting articles, create content, or deal with difficult clients. Hawaiian pizza is a creative and controversial pizza since many people don't believe pineapples should be on pizza, while many think it's delicious.

Education Majors: Meat Lovers Pizza

Education majors typically have personalities that are all-inclusive, in order for them to cater every type of student and every possible need that student may require. Meat lovers pizza combines many kinds of meat into one pizza, therefore being the all-inclusive pizza- perfect for Education majors.

History Majors: Sicilian Pizza

Students who are History majors, learn about the deep history of many countries, empires, civilizations, politics, and policies. The deep dish or thick crust Sicilian pizza represents the great depth of knowledge history majors gain of our world from their studies.

Engineering Majors: Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Engineering students are creative, innovative, and ingenious. They are always seeking to build or create something better than the last. Buffalo Chicken pizza is creative, innovative, and ingenious- this pizza and Engineering majors go hand in hand.

Agriculture Majors: Vegetable Pizza

This one is a given- Agriculture majors are invested in growing and maintaining crops. What other pizza would better represent Ag majors?

Psychology Major: White Pizza

Students who study Psychology typically enjoy listening to people's different perspectives on many things, in order to psychologically analyze them. White pizza adds a twist or different perspective to pizza. This type of pizza replaces the traditional marinara sauce with Alfredo sauce.

Interior or Graphic Design Majors: Caprese Pizza

Interior design or graphic design majors are always concerned with aesthetic. Whether it be the interior design of a home or work place or the design of an image, logo, or campaign. The most aesthetically pleasing pizza, in my opinion, would be caprese pizza because of the color contrast in the basil, mozzarella, vinaigrette, and tomatoes.

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