If College Majors Were Bath And Body Works Candles

If College Majors Were Bath And Body Works Candles

If your degree had a scent, what would it smell like?

f only college Majors were Bath and Body Works candles, how fabulous would that be?!

If you are anything like me, you love scents, especially Bath and Body Works scents- they are all delicious. Listed are 13 majors described with 13 Bath and Body Works candles. Put your imagination to use while reading each major.

1. Engineering - Flannel

The candle includes aroma of a fresh apple crisp, bergamot and a manly scent of mahogany wood. Engineering Majors are heavy on math, which goes along with the 'Apple' symbol. The bergamot oil in the candle helps with stress and anxiety, and with engineering majors a lot of thinking goes into the work, which can easily trigger stress. I visualize the major being classified as a 'manly' major, not saying women aren't capable, because 'girl power' - we can do anything we put our mind too. However, the manly scent that mahogany wood gives off puts in perspective of a masculine job within my imagination.

2. Agriculture - White Barn Evergreen

    Any agriculture major deals with outdoor life, which consists evergreen, wood, floral, etc. The aroma's in the 'White Barn Evergreen,' puts me deep into nature. The fresh cedar-wood in the candle gives off the woodsy smell scent.

3. History, Criminal Justice - Black Tie

    Dressed up in your tailored suit or business attire outfit, either of these majors are sharp and precise just like the smell of 'Black Tie.'

4. Music, Art, Art History, Dance, etc. - Tis' The Season.

    Art consist of a warm and pleasant presentation and somewhat spicy with a mysterious feeling behind it. Most people overlook the intensity of the major, but yet enjoy the beauty of it at the same time. The complexity of either concentration within the major goes hand with this delicious candle. Starting with a spicy cinnamon scent - heavier on the aroma of the apple, tapering down to the complex addition, fresh pine scent.

5. Interior Design - Serene (aquamarine)

    Interior Design is a major that most women gravitate to.. I mean, hello.. Us women love to decorate. It's soothing, relaxing, and challenging too. Although I am not an Interior Design major, I can only imagine the beauty that goes into it and the reward that follows. The candles name 'Serene' goes great with the definition of the word 'Serene,' which mean calm, peaceful, to be untroubled and the state of being tranquil.

6. Science and Chemistry - Aromatherapy (Stress Relief with Eucalyptus and Spearmint)

    I know for me, when I took Chemistry I was overwhelmed with all the feels- my brain probably wanted to explode.. but hey, here's to you Science/Chem majors. This major is not for everyone to say the least. Because of the challenge that goes into this major, I'd compare 'Stress Relief candle' to this. Eucalyptus and Spearmint combined soothes the brain allowing it to focus and release any built up stress. Also, eucalyptus can increase energy and brainwave activity and with these two majors - the brain could use that.

7. Math - Winter Candy Apple

I classify this major with the A+ Apple in which symbolizes a continuous tradition. As to why apples are symbolized to teachers, many explanations have been explained but no clear reason is underlined.

8. Psychology - Comfort (Vanilla and Patchouli)

Vanilla calms the mind and enhances the stage of relaxation, while the Patchouli essential oil provides an aroma of harmony. Psychology majors calms minds and focus on unraveling layers of one in a relaxing manor.

9. Journalism - Aromatherapy (Relax - Lavender and Cedarwood)

Most people find Journalist and English majors quite odd. They ask, "How do you find writing amusing or fun?" Being a journalist major, writing allows me to find a tranquil mood but also challenging just like any other major is. Finding stories to write about, pitches to pitch, beats to center around, and deadlines to meet keeps writers on their feet. Comparing the majors to the candle - the lavender scent brings a sweet calming atmosphere, such as the act of writing, while the cedar wood throws a twist to the scent, the tedious work that goes into writing.

10. International Affairs - Coastal Jasmine

Travel is the one word that describes this candle. The name 'coastal' sells the imagination while smelling this candle.

11. Business - Mahogany Teakwood

The White Barn candle gives a clean aroma with a touch of cologne. If I could imagine a sharp dressed business man or business woman, I'd classify them being clean and dressed to the T.

12. Nursing - Aromatherapy (Energy - Orange and Ginger)

The candle brings energy and alertness and being a nurse/nursing major, the work load requires a lot of late night studies and attentive hands on work.

13. Culinary Sustainability and Hospitality - Cinnamon Caramel Swirl

If you are anything like me, you go straight to the candles that smell like food!! Bath and Body Works have always had the yummiest candles that unlocks the sweet-tooth sensation!

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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Imperfections are what gives a diamond its value.

Dear judgemental, simple minded people from my hometown,

I am sorry that I have never met your level of perfection.

Coming from a small town, everyone settles to the norm of the people around them. Unlike you all, I have always been a little bit different.

I've never understood why everyone always seems to feel the need to talk down to the next person. People love to gossip about a situation as long as the situation has nothing to do with them. For every move I made, someone was always there to bring out the negativity in the situation. You all are always sweeping around somebody else's doorstep when I know your doorstep is not clean. Maybe it is time to buy a new broom. I know that I cannot please everybody and that I will also not be liked by everybody. However, I deserve respect just as the next person.

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I hope for the sake of the future generations of our small town, you all can learn to be more accepting to change.

I hope that no one judges your children like some of you all have judged me. I hope that the people that you love and care about are welcomed and accepted for who they are.

If we put as much time into being better people or helping others like you put into judging others, the world would be a much better place.

Imperfections are what gives a diamond its value. Pebbles are perfectly round. I'd much rather be a diamond, one in a million, than a pebble that fits in.


The one whose every move you criticize

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The University of Alabama Has Tim Tebow On Their Bad Side And Here's Why

Why would you want to be on someone's bad side?


Whether I know you personally or just happen to watch you on television or read something about you, if you have wronged me or mine, there is no coming back. Last week, Tim Tebow crossed the line, and I'm calling him out for it.

Alabama and football are synonymous. Gameday is sacred here, and when you look in the stands before kickoff, it's a wall of crimson that greets you. Recently, come halftime, some of the stands are not overflowing the way they once were, and Coach Nick Saban stated in a recent press conference his disappointment in the student section during the past several home football games held in Bryant-Denny. Saban said, "There's got to be a spirit that makes it special to play here because that's what makes it special to be here." His heart is in the right place, and Saban has standing. He is one of us. However, Tim Tebow felt he needed to chime in, as his opinion mattered, and he overstepped into the crimson territory.

Tebow didn't just side with Saban, he went on to insult the Crimson Tide by saying how "entitled" Alabama fans are, and that's where it started to get ugly. The SEC sportscaster said "Listen, as a student, you've done nothing to win all these titles, OK? You spend a little bit of your daddy's money to show up at a game and to go to school there. You say you're the best fans in college football. Well, you need to show up."

While some might recognize Tebow as a former NFL player, or recognize him as the pretty face of the SEC Network, or even know him as the less than suitable replacement for Neil Patrick Harris on Disney's Christmas Day Parade, I'm sorry to say, Tim Tebow, you are a washed up Heisman winner and National Championship Quarterback from almost a decade ago. Alabama students are diehard fans, but you can't hate a student body for leaving when they already know the outcome. We might expect the titles and the championships, just like the university expects the best from its students, we expect the best from our team, and we love them for it.

So Mr. Tebow, when you really think about it, if it wasn't for our "daddy's" money pouring into the university in the first place, there wouldn't be a stepping stone for our incredible football team. The football program generates a lot of money for the university, but so do the students. The student body isn't acting entitled, we are just being human because we are frustrated with the opposing teams, and we become bored out of our minds. I'm sorry if I don't want to stay for the second half of the game baking in the sweltering hot upper bowl at noon when the score is 50-0. It is unrealistic.

There are so many reasons why Alabama students don't want to stay for the entire game, but probably the most significant is most teams in the SEC stink. Yes, I said it, because it is true. Growing up in an area and in a family who has roots in the BIG TEN, I can see the difference. While all the teams aren't the best up North, at least there is some competition on a weekly basis. Every single game this season at Alabama has been a blowout, which is great because we all want a winning team. However, the best part of football games is being on the edge of your seat and not knowing who is going to win. Lafayette wasn't cutting it, neither was Arkansas. Look at games like Penn State versus Ohio State. The score was so close, it made fans want to stay. Trust me, I want to stay. I love football, but a mercy is a mercy, and who wants to stay for a bloodbath?

Remember Tebow, Saban is one of us, so he can comment. You are not. Mr. Tebow, you are not a member of the Crimson Tide. You could have been a part of our Family, but you chose to wear Florida's jersey over Alabama's, so until you are one of us, keep your snide, insulting, and condescending comments to yourself. Roll Tide!

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