If College Majors Were Bath And Body Works Candles
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If College Majors Were Bath And Body Works Candles

If your degree had a scent, what would it smell like?

If College Majors Were Bath And Body Works Candles
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f only college Majors were Bath and Body Works candles, how fabulous would that be?!

If you are anything like me, you love scents, especially Bath and Body Works scents- they are all delicious. Listed are 13 majors described with 13 Bath and Body Works candles. Put your imagination to use while reading each major.

1. Engineering - Flannel

The candle includes aroma of a fresh apple crisp, bergamot and a manly scent of mahogany wood. Engineering Majors are heavy on math, which goes along with the 'Apple' symbol. The bergamot oil in the candle helps with stress and anxiety, and with engineering majors a lot of thinking goes into the work, which can easily trigger stress. I visualize the major being classified as a 'manly' major, not saying women aren't capable, because 'girl power' - we can do anything we put our mind too. However, the manly scent that mahogany wood gives off puts in perspective of a masculine job within my imagination.

2. Agriculture - White Barn Evergreen

    Any agriculture major deals with outdoor life, which consists evergreen, wood, floral, etc. The aroma's in the 'White Barn Evergreen,' puts me deep into nature. The fresh cedar-wood in the candle gives off the woodsy smell scent.

3. History, Criminal Justice - Black Tie

    Dressed up in your tailored suit or business attire outfit, either of these majors are sharp and precise just like the smell of 'Black Tie.'

4. Music, Art, Art History, Dance, etc. - Tis' The Season.

    Art consist of a warm and pleasant presentation and somewhat spicy with a mysterious feeling behind it. Most people overlook the intensity of the major, but yet enjoy the beauty of it at the same time. The complexity of either concentration within the major goes hand with this delicious candle. Starting with a spicy cinnamon scent - heavier on the aroma of the apple, tapering down to the complex addition, fresh pine scent.

5. Interior Design - Serene (aquamarine)

    Interior Design is a major that most women gravitate to.. I mean, hello.. Us women love to decorate. It's soothing, relaxing, and challenging too. Although I am not an Interior Design major, I can only imagine the beauty that goes into it and the reward that follows. The candles name 'Serene' goes great with the definition of the word 'Serene,' which mean calm, peaceful, to be untroubled and the state of being tranquil.

6. Science and Chemistry - Aromatherapy (Stress Relief with Eucalyptus and Spearmint)

    I know for me, when I took Chemistry I was overwhelmed with all the feels- my brain probably wanted to explode.. but hey, here's to you Science/Chem majors. This major is not for everyone to say the least. Because of the challenge that goes into this major, I'd compare 'Stress Relief candle' to this. Eucalyptus and Spearmint combined soothes the brain allowing it to focus and release any built up stress. Also, eucalyptus can increase energy and brainwave activity and with these two majors - the brain could use that.

7. Math - Winter Candy Apple

I classify this major with the A+ Apple in which symbolizes a continuous tradition. As to why apples are symbolized to teachers, many explanations have been explained but no clear reason is underlined.

8. Psychology - Comfort (Vanilla and Patchouli)

Vanilla calms the mind and enhances the stage of relaxation, while the Patchouli essential oil provides an aroma of harmony. Psychology majors calms minds and focus on unraveling layers of one in a relaxing manor.

9. Journalism - Aromatherapy (Relax - Lavender and Cedarwood)

Most people find Journalist and English majors quite odd. They ask, "How do you find writing amusing or fun?" Being a journalist major, writing allows me to find a tranquil mood but also challenging just like any other major is. Finding stories to write about, pitches to pitch, beats to center around, and deadlines to meet keeps writers on their feet. Comparing the majors to the candle - the lavender scent brings a sweet calming atmosphere, such as the act of writing, while the cedar wood throws a twist to the scent, the tedious work that goes into writing.

10. International Affairs - Coastal Jasmine

Travel is the one word that describes this candle. The name 'coastal' sells the imagination while smelling this candle.

11. Business - Mahogany Teakwood

The White Barn candle gives a clean aroma with a touch of cologne. If I could imagine a sharp dressed business man or business woman, I'd classify them being clean and dressed to the T.

12. Nursing - Aromatherapy (Energy - Orange and Ginger)

The candle brings energy and alertness and being a nurse/nursing major, the work load requires a lot of late night studies and attentive hands on work.

13. Culinary Sustainability and Hospitality - Cinnamon Caramel Swirl

If you are anything like me, you go straight to the candles that smell like food!! Bath and Body Works have always had the yummiest candles that unlocks the sweet-tooth sensation!

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