You know what I'm sick of? Every time someone asks me what my major is they follow it with, "So what do you want to do with that after college?"

Why. Is. That. Even. A. Subsequent. Question.

I just told you what I am and will be studying for the next four years of my life, isn't that enough for you future-plan-pushing adults? I am barely out of my teenage years, and was forced to choose my career path at the mere age of 18 when I haven't lived or experienced anything outside of a 2-state range. I decided, with no prior knowledge on the course, what area of work I wanted to spend the rest of my life in. Is that not enough for you?

Just because I've already committed to a work field doesn't mean I've committed to a specific job, so stop giving me the "oh-how-unfortunate-shes-a-typical-clueless-millennial side eye when I simply, yet honestly, reply to your incredibly pushy question, "I have no flipping clue." Because I really, seriously, honestly, just don't.

And if I do tell you a far-fetched, but very real, goal of mine, don't chuckle and say, "Well isn't that ambitious."

Will I actually be President of the United States someday? Or the lead actress of SNL? Will I honestly be the CEO of an influential company? Most likely not, but your demeaning comments are not appreciated. My life goal may sound ridiculous, but chances are I'll find my forever career on the path of trying to achieve it.

I know there are some Millennials that give the rest of us a bad name, however the least you could do is give me the benefit of the doubt. Let's be honest, your generation isn't the juiciest peach on the tree either. Some of your generational peers tend to be racist and homophobic individuals, yet you don't see us Millennials negatively labeling every one of you because of it.

We Millennials still have so much living to do, an infinite number of places to go and people to meet, so forgive us for wanting to have a little more life experience before committing to a lifelong career.

We may be young, we may not have the rest of our lives figured out right now, but that is the beauty of this day and age. We don't have to.