6 Things To Write About When You Have Writer’s Block, That Definitely Haven’t Already Been Done To Death

6 Things To Write About When You Have Writer’s Block, That Definitely Haven’t Already Been Done To Death

Because writing is hard.


Welcome to the age of overdone content. I'm your host "tired writer with writers block" and today's topic of conversation is what to write about when you have writers block...you know, because this article is definitely not something that's getting thrown together at the very last minute and I probably wouldn't have writers block if I actually paced myself with writing things.

Wow, so now that we've gone through whatever that was, let's sit down and have a little chat. Finals are coming around, you've got friends and a social life that's diminishing away and you have all of these deadlines you've got to meet for the various things you signed up for. It's a lot.

It's so much, that you have officially given up on life and you don't have any inspiration. So, what do you write about?! Well, I definitely can't relate to that (not sure if the sarcasm can read here, I actually can...um, this is why I'm writing this article because you know, I don't know what to write this week).

Anyways, now that I've officially made this introduction as awkward as I possibly could have made it, here are 10...wait, no, actually 6 because I couldn't think of 4 more ideas...uhm, anyway, not important, here are 6 things to write about when you don't know what to write about:

1. Cute date ideas 

Jimmy Fallon gif

It's almost Christmas and New Years, and what better ways of getting the views than to write a relatable article on cute date ideas you can do with your significant other. Who care if you're single and never had a boyfriend, that doesn't mean you aren't qualified to write about cute date ideas...right?! No...um, whatever, on to the next.

2. Some fake deep article about friends or family

Family Drama gif

What better way to get the views than to write a letter to your friends or family about how much they mean to you? Oh...um, sorry, I meant to say what better way to *show how much you care about the people in you life than to write a letter to your friends or family about how much they mean to you.

Wow, that was weird. I don't know how views got into there, that's definitely not the case....(wink, wink)

3. Dealing with finals and stress 

Frustrated gif

It's almost December and you know that means everyone is going to start complaining about finals and how college is so stressful...because this is something that totally doesn't happen every semester and we're so surprised all of our classes have finals. But whatever. This is a prime opportunity to get relatable (generic) articles in about "dealing with stress when it's time for finals."

4. Something else about college

Drinking gif Giphy

Because we couldn't get our fix the first 500 articles, people want that college content. Why? I don't know but they want that college content. So write about what majors match your astrological sign and studying tips that nobody else knows (you know, because you're the first person who thought of all of these neat studying tips.)

5. A listicle about x

Scrolling gif

It's no secret people love listicles. It's easy and they don't require much thought (I mean, are you reading this article right now.) So think of x amount of things, change your mind about that number because you aimed too high originally and write an article about something.

6. Make a listicle of things to write about when you have writer's block

I Got Nothing gif

LOL so relatable, am I right?! No...oh, the joke didn't land? Uhm...well, this is awkward.

See ya'll for the next article!!

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Cover Image Credit:

Vine/Katie Ryan

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8 Things I Wish I Could Scream At People To Get Them To Understand These Annoying Habits

Sometimes you just need to get some things off your chest.


Look, I know I'm irrelevant and everyone should be able to live and believe and do whatever the heck they want, but it's been a long week, ladies and gentlemen, and I'm in the mood for a rant. So here is a completely random and pointless list of things I wish I could say to people sometimes.


Oh my goodness sometimes I just wish I could yell this through a megaphone. Carbs are not the enemy. Fats are not the enemy. You need them, that's why they're part of your macros! You will have 10x more energy and feel so much better, just please, Karen, have some pasta I promise you will be just fine.

2. For the love of God, can we all stop taking social media so seriously?

This is actually something I've had to scream at myself recently. Everyone's guilty of it. You spend an hour editing a picture, then send it to your friends to make sure it's "insta-worthy", then you buy a freaking app that lets you fake upload pictures to your feed to make sure it matches and when you finally post it you watch the likes and comments like a hawk to make sure it was a decent picture. Yeah. This used to be me (and my Instagram account wasn't ever even that good so it just makes this sad, honestly). But it's so dumb. I mean there's nothing wrong with editing pictures and posting good ones that you like, but we should be able to post dumb stuff too without caring about it or being judged. Last night I posted a "doge" meme from like 2013 just to be dumb. It only got 80 likes. I felt very liberated, you should try it.

3. Stop judging people who are affiliates with *certain* online businesses

I just don't understand why people take the time out of their day to write an entire post about how annoyed they are with seeing other people simply trying to sell skincare products or weight loss methods or whatever it is. They're just trying to make a lil cash like everyone else in the world and for a lot of them, this is their second job. You've got to give them credit for working hard and putting themselves out there because most people are too afraid to put themselves in that position. So yeah, you can be annoyed with the posts and call it a pyramid scheme all you want but I mean can you just not be publicly rude about it? If you don't like it you don't have to buy it ok? So next time Linda posts about her ~miracle haircare routine~ just scroll past, dude.

4. WHY is no white after labor day a thing??

I still don't understand why this is a fashion rule. It's still hot after labor day, I still have a summer tan, and white really compliments a good tan. WHY was this ever considered a good idea. Even when the cold weather comes in, haven't you guys ever heard of winter white????????

5. And for the last thing on my mind today that I am going to get an insane amount of hate for...

*looks down in nervousness and talks quietly*

Why is everyone freaking out about Ariana Grande? Yeah she's pretty and she has a few catchy songs but they're honestly pretty generic pop songs that are pretty much the same and she's always saying stuff like "issa vibe" and "keep that same energy fr" and she spells "something" as "sum" and she's a grown woman..I just...

I'm sorry I'm just being mean now.

Anyways, I'm sorry if you wasted your time reading this but I feel a lot better now. I'm done.

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