The Great Lake State, Michigan. My home away from home, more of a home than Missouri is to me in all honesty. Hands down the most beautiful state out there. Even more pretty than Colorado and I love CO. The trees are here are every where, it's not humid, never gets too hot, it's just too perfect. Here are some attractions to see or do while in this beautiful state.

1) Visit the Upper Peninsula/Mackinac Island

Visit the Upper Peninsula/Mackinac Island

The UP is hands down the prettiest part of the state. Mackinac Island is a little island that is 100% not connected to the state. The only way to get around on the island is horse, bikes, or just walking.

It may sound old fashion but it is such a fun experience to get to see. The island is only 8 miles around you can bike around the whole island.


Ever wanted to go to Germany but haven't found the time or your passports are expired? Well, this little German town in Michigan is your next best thing. From its food to the architect to the culture there is a little piece of Germany right here in the states.

 Red Wings Hockey Game 

Michigan one of the coldest states is also known for its hockey. If anyone states their hockey serious its Michiganders. So why not joins in on the excitement and go see a game for your self.

4Visit the schools

Michigan is home to two incredible schools. I mean nothing can compare to Missouri State but Michigan State has had an amazing basketball team for years under their current coach and the University of Michigan has had great years in football.

But not only are the sports good the towns the schools are located in are also fun towns. Ann Harbor is a very college town and Lansing is just a homey college town.

 Henry Ford Museum

Because who doesn't like learning about how one of the top car manufacturers in the country got its start. You'll also see a lot of cool older model Fords.

Fishing on the Great Lakes

Michigan is the Great Lake State, why wouldn't you visit the lakes. The lakes aren't only known for their beaches but also for their fishing. You can catch salmon, trout, yellow perch. The list goes on and on but the adrenaline from the catch makes it all worth the wild.

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