10 Iconic MCU Quotes To Get You Even More Excited For The 'Endgame'
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10 Iconic MCU Quotes To Get You Even More Excited For The 'Endgame'

Because who really has time to fit in all those movies before next week?

10 Iconic MCU Quotes To Get You Even More Excited For The 'Endgame'

With just under a week waiting period left for Marvel's long anticipated "Endgame," it's hard to fit in every film of the MCU canon from all the way back to 2008. We all went through the madness of buying tickets, sharing trailers, watching interviews, and now the time is just about here. With each movie comes secrets, foreshadowing, and not to mention key character development and plot points. Luckily for you, I've put together some of the most iconic quotes from the MCU that will undoubtedly play into "Endgame" on the 26th, or at least hold you over until then!

1.  "You can't be a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man if there's no neighborhood" –Spider-Man

Thanks, Peter, but you also can't be a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man if there's no Spider-man, so...needless to say, we all should have expectations for "Endgame".

2.  "Language!" –Captain America

Steve Roger's iconic line in "Age of Ultron" might have been taken with a grain of salt in 2015, but "Endgame" is PG-13 for gosh sake! Watch your language when viewing it!

3.  "All that for a drop of blood" –Thanos

Thanos says this to Tony Stark as ridicule right before their defeat. But, if you remember from "Iron Man 2," Ivan Vanko tells Tony that "If you could make God bleed, then people will cease to believe in Him". It is no secret that Thanos thinks of himself as a god. He may have won Round One of this story, but he may quite possibly be underestimating the power of just one drop of blood.

4.  "Then we'll do that together too" –Captain America

As sad as it is that "Endgame" is quite literally the endgame of over a decade of work and stories, it goes without saying that we'll finally get that long-anticipated team-up of all the original Avengers. Win, lose, or draw, as Cap said once before, they'll do it all together.

5.  "I'm kinda done with you telling me what I can't do" –Captain Marvel

While Carol Danvers only recently made her empowering debut, it's no secret that she will play a big role in "Endgame". And now that she's had her origin? Don't doubt what she's capable of.

6.  "I'm not asking for forgiveness. And I'm way past asking for forgiveness." –Captain America

Okay, fine! Steve Rogers may just be my favorite avenger. But it's these types of badass lines that can't be pushed aside. Something tells me that this type of attitude with play such a big role in "Endgame".

7.  "We're family. We leave no one behind" –Drax

Through all the chaos, the fighting, the good and the bad, the sense of family is strong in the MCU. There's a reason the one's left from the snap are giving "Endgame" whatever it takes.

8.  "I still believe in heroes" –Nick Fury

"There was an idea..." and it's really thanks to Nick Fury and his unchanging belief in each of the avengers. All I have to say is: We do, too, Fury.

9.  If we can't protect the Earth, you can be damn well sure we'll avenge it" –Iron Man

*Cue Avenger's Theme*

10.  "We're in the endgame now" –Doctor Strange

An epic quote that totally foreshadowed the title of this anticipated installment? Absolutely it is. One that will probably end up crushing your heart in theaters? Even more likely.

Happy Marvel Month, everyone, and here's to all the emotions and even more iconic quotes "Endgame" will undoubtedly give us. And remember: If Doctor Strange saw fourteen million six hundred and five possible outcomes of "Endgame" all the way back in "Infinity War" and didn't spoil a single one, neither should you!

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