Just a brain dump of things I wish my professors knew throughout the semester, or perhaps understood from putting two and two together.

1. I have a part-time job because my family doesn't help me pay my bills.

2. I often don't get enough sleep at night.

3. I tried really hard on that essay just for you to "creatively" criticize it.

4. I have three exams the day you have that essay due.

5. I have other classes to do tons of other work for, so forgive me if I prioritize.

6. I'm not always out partying, so please don't make generalizations.

7. It's hard for me to keep a social life when I'm constantly spacing out your work.

8. I read and plan around the syllabus and you're not following it.

9. If I fall asleep in class, please don't take it personally.

10. I have a home life, too, and sh*t happens.

11. I'm not always at liberty to express my beliefs in open discussion.

12. I really tried understanding last night's reading but failed. 

13. If you call on me when my hand wasn't raised, chances are I didn't know the answer and can't help you on that one.

14. I had a lot of anxiety just asking you that question only for you to belittle me in front of the class.

15. I also saw that look you gave me when I asked it.

16. If I show up to your class looking like a wet dish rag, I had a rough night/morning.

17. I don't know about anyone else on this one, but when I email you about being sick, I'm dead serious.

18. I need your help organizing this essay. And, yes, I already visited the Writing Center.

19. It doesn't help my lecture notes when you go on tangents about noodles. Yes, noodles.

20. Why did you take 0.35 points off my essay for sophistication? Really?

21. I took your advice on that last essay and applied it to this one. What's wrong now?

22. Your rubric seems very subjective. Please be clearer.

23. Why aren't you in your office during office hours?! (I waited 15 minutes)

24. No, I didn't take those classes (that you constantly refer to!!!) in high school. That doesn't make me any less capable of understanding your lecture.

25. High school grading was a lot more concrete and achievable so please understand I am freaking out about that grade you gave me.