Class of 2019 we made it! From the long nights of test cramming to the stress filled days of exams, we are finally graduating! While graduation is a big step in determining our futures, whether or not you decide to pursue a college degree or enlist in the military or join the workforce I wish all my fellow seniors the best of luck in all endeavors you choose to pursue. Here are just a few things that I wished I had known prior to senior year that would have made things just a little bit easier for me.

1. Always make sure you prioritize your mental and physical health first!

Make sure you are getting enough hours of sleep! Maintaining a healthy diet is also key! Remember that you are important and valid so make sure that you take that extra "you" time for yourself!

2. Spend extra time with friends and family

Graduation can be rough on any senior! This new phase of life can be tolling on your loved ones. Be sure to spend a little bit more time with those special to you because they are feeling the exact same feelings you are!

3. It's okay not to have it all figured out

It's okay not to have it all figured out yet! Post-Grad decision making can be overwhelming and stressful! Make choices that you are going to be happy with, NOT for other people.

4. Listen to advice and suggestions from teachers and counselors

Your teachers and counselors are truly wise resources to go to if you need help or just general words of wisdom. However take their words with a grain of salt, because in the end you are in control of your own future and destiny. You are the captain of the ship and you control on where it ends up next!

5. Breathe because you are GRADUATING

I know it can seem unrealistic at times but yes, you are GRADUATING! To my fellow senior reading this, you deserve every round of applause and may your future be forever bright!