I Visited A 4th World Country And You Should Visit One too

I Visited A 4th World Country And You Should Visit One too

Visiting one of the poorest countries in the world is a humbling and amazing experience. Here's why you should visit a fourth world country:


Escape from reality.

Now I am not saying that this is necessarily a vacation but it's definitely not our reality. I visited the country of Haiti. It was so hard to imagine what this country would be like before I arrived. This trip truly made me humble in my life and what blessings I have. They have NOTHING.

Personal Photo

Personal Photo

Learn about their culture.

If you've been to another country, you know that culture is way different than America. The most striking thing that I recognized was their food. It was pretty much the same thing- soup. Anywhere and everywhere we went we were always fed soup. It wasn't bad! They also offered us glad bottles of soda. They tasted similar to sprite and mountain dew. They also offered us whole coconuts that they cut the top off of, and even delicious mangos!

Learn about their language.

Language is another huge thing. The Haitians speak French and Creole. The only word I really learned was "merci", which means thank you. That was one word I said a lot of the time because they were so kind to us. But even though they spoke a different language, love speaks for itself. I was beyond baffled when they shared how much love they had, meanwhile they have very little to nothing.

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Change in scenery.

Obviously, when you travel somewhere new, there will definitely be a change in scenery. Haiti was very mountainous, and I wasn't expecting it to be that way. Some of the Haitian nuns I met said the beaches were very beautiful. We didn't visit the beach. As soon as we left the airport, I was culture-shocked. I had never seen anything like it.

There was trash everywhere I looked. People were flooding the streets, trying to sell basically everything to make money. We stayed at an orphanage, so we were safe. I think experiencing everything I did has turned me into a very grateful person. We have so much more than they do. And not that many people truly know what a fourth-world country is like.

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Make New Friends.

I have an easy time making friends. This was no different when we arrived in Haiti. All of these little girls are orphans. I'm sure they enjoyed the time we spent together as much as I did. We visited one orphanage with girls that were around my age. They asked in broken English if I had parents or a boyfriend. They played with my hair and wouldn't stop touching my white skin. They wanted me to stay with them forever and it truly broke my heart when I had to leave their sweet, smiling faces,

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Visiting a fourth world country is definitely an experience I recommend for everyone! I probably wouldn't call it a vacation, due to the state that Haiti is currently in. But I had the best time with all those precious little girls. This trip really changed me for the better. If you are ever feeling like going on a vacation, you should consider visiting a fourth world country.

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If You're Not Going To Cabo For Spring Break, Here's What To Do Instead

At Spring Break University, why go anywhere else?


As much as we'd all love to be sipping on drinks in a pool during a Diplo set under the hot Mexican sun, the reality is you're stuck in Arizona. Maybe you're working, maybe you're prone to sunburns, or maybe you're just a broke college kid like me who's heard way too many sex trafficking and tainted alcohol stories. Whichever it is, stop the FOMO because Arizona is warming up and you'll be doing all of these things here at some apartment building or pool party very soon.

My advice? Blast some tropical tunes and do the following instead:

1. Go See A Show.

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Check out the Songkick app to see your favorite artists performing in Phoenix. Make it easier by syncing your Spotify or music on your phone. This weekend is M3F Fest with headliners like Odesza and Empire of the Sun. Prefer rock over indie? Check out the Innings Fest with Jimmy Eat World, Incubus, Cake, and more! If you prefer rap, Lil mosey is performing at The Marquee this Saturday, March 2nd. Songkick has something for everyone with shows costing as little as $10, so there's really no excuse not to be spontaneous and have some fun.

2. Revisit Your New Year's Resolutions.

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Think back to December when you were thinking of everything you wanted to do differently. Workout five times a week, start flossing regularly, spend less time on social media, and get a 4.0. When school began, everything probably fell out of importance. You said you would only eat Taco Bell once a week, then you were up late during the week studying anyway and it became the only plausible option. Breaks are a time for you to bounce back (cue Big Sean) and revive yourself. Think about what you're like at your absolute best. Who is that person and what makes them happy? Working out releases endorphins and is a great mood booster that I'm definitely going to revisit.

3. Binge Watch The Movies On Your List.

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Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime video have amazing selections. Though you might scroll through and think 'There's nothing to watch!', That's so not the case. People won't quit talking about how amazing the show "You" is anyway that one asap, after all of the Timotheé Chalamet movies of course.

PSA: Space Jam is on Hulu. I know every sorority girl that has done a Space Jame bid day theme hasn't seen this movie, so get on it!

4. Catch Up On Homework.

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Nobody's perfect and goes to every single class for the whole allotted time. If that's you, perfect. Skip this one. I can not tell you how many times I have been in astronomy, realized I haven't been paying attention and then left. Spring break is an entire 9 + days and if you spent a little of each day or one single day being productive with school work, you can get ahead, so when everyone gets back, you'll be free to have fun.

5. Take A Day Trip In Arizona.

Photo by Jim Strasma on Unsplash

Something that Arizona has that my home state doesn't is the ability to see some amazing things on a day trip. Even in the immediate area, there's South Mountain, Piestewa Peak, Camelback and more. Then we have Sedona, Tombstone, and the Grand Canyon if you're so inclined to make a five-hour drive. Tombstone is a huge tourist spot since it looks exactly like an old town over a hundred years ago when this was still the 'Wild West'.

6. Apply To Internships.

Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash

Homework has taken over all of your time and when you're free, the last thing you want to do is more work. What's supposed to go into a cover letter anyway? This week you have no excuse. For so long I thought I couldn't get an internship because I hardly knew anything about my major, but that's not the case. Many freshmen and sophomores have gotten internship opportunities from networking and putting themselves out there. Most of them know nothing about their major. An internship gives you insight into what you may be doing from day to day at a job after graduation. Take this opportunity now and push yourself a little.

Who needs Cabo or Lake Havasu when we already live in an amazing city? Plus, we can act like we're there when people are posting stories of their every waking moment. Go out and do some fun things for yourself this spring break. Pool season will be here before you know it.

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2. Take a weekend getaway

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9. Paint or draw

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11. Go shopping

12. Go to a theme park

13. Play video games

14. Volunteer somewhere

15. Color

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