I spent a month of my summer digging holes

My university offers an archaeological field school for the summer. For this class, we are required to attend Monday-Thursday from 8-12 for a month. This probably sounds like torture for college kids, having to wake up at 7 am for school? During the summer? Sounds crazy I know, so why on earth would I want to attend.

Well, the answer is simple, I love to learn and this gave me the perfect opportunity to learn more about the area around me.

In this class, we simply dug up Indian artifacts. Within the first couple of days of digging, we found an arrowhead and several pieces of pottery. Our professor was able to date the arrowhead and tell us what kind of pottery we found.

The dig site was on a local piece of property right next to the river, a perfect place for Native Americans to live. The landscape was beautiful with wild blackberry bushes we could pick during the breaks. We were able to learn a lot about what type of pottery has used the customs of Native Americans in the area, which were the Creek. There were several areas on the property that were quiet and serene, no wonder Native Americans picked this spot to dwell.

This class gave me the opportunity to get a little sweaty and dirty while making friends, learning and having fun in the sun. One day we had a professional flint napper come out and teach us how to make arrowheads and showed us what types of rocks to use for them.

My favorite part of the class was the final, like excuse me? One Saturday our professor hosted a lake party at his lake house, we got to relax in the sun at a beautiful location on the water. We also learned how to throw tomahawks.

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