I know what you're all thinking. The 'party scene' is right of passage for any high school kid or college kid, well not for this girl. Being fresh in college straight out of high school is a little scary and I just think partying would only make that worse.

I personally never saw any fun in parties. Alcohol or no alcohol, parties always looked like they were just an anxiety fest. I don't really see a point in surrounding myself with a bunch of strangers who would make me uncomfortable. Being an introvert is quite the challenge when other people you know and trust want to just have fun with you around.

I am in no way shaming anyone who goes to parties. It is your life and you should live it how you see fit.

I think that me skipping this part of my life gave me opportunities to take some time to myself and to realize what I truly needed from life and college. Even though I might miss some social experience with others, I can always find better experiences being with people I know just going to the movies or just hanging out in my room playing Uno.

Personally, I think parties can be great social time for others, I just don't see it being in my future.