11 Ways I'm Going To Make 2019 My Year

All in all, 2018 was one of the worst years I've experienced. At the start, I was not in a good place mentally, or emotionally, but with the help of some great people, I got back on track. I finished my last semester of community college, danced in my last recital, and began school at Longwood.

For a long time, I have not been happy with myself. I am my own worst enemy sometimes; I pick at my skin, my weight, my hair (which I am having a crisis about and regret cutting it but, it'll grow...its hair). I have my good days and my bad days.

This year, one of my focuses is to make myself better and learn to go with the flow. I stress a lot, a trait that has been with me since middle school; it's hard for me to relax when I have a test coming up or an event.

As per resolutions, I make a list every year, and like a normal person, I get two or there done and then stop; Or I revert back to my old ways. This year, I am making a commitment to sticking to and achieving all my resolutions.

1. Eat Healthier

I am a chicken nugget fiend. Anyone who is close with me knows that Chick Fil A is my addiction. Although I love nuggets, I have made a commitment to finding healthier recipes to make.

2. Go to the gym 1-3 times a week

Since I have stopped dancing, my life at college has become very sedentary, doing homework, watching Netflix, and sleeping. I bought a cute bikini to have that extra motivation to get me to go to the gym after class, and after homework.

3. Clear my skin up

My skin has never been 100% clear, and it is very oily. I've tried every skin care line imaginable, and have just recently found a regimen that really works for me, and my skin is better than it has ever been, and hopefully, it continues to get better.

4. Read more books

All too often, people are more involved in their screens than in their reality. Books for me can be reality and an escape from reality. They broaden your horizons and take you to far off places, i"m excited to reach my reading goal for this year.

5. Ride my bike everywhere I can

Thanks to my loving boyfriend and his amazing parents, I am now the owner of a yellow vintage Huffy bike. On days I'm not able to get to the gym, I want to ride my bike everywhere I can around town.

6. Explore

I want to travel and explore more in 2019, take road trips, and expose myself to different people and ideas.

7. Save money

Starting this year, my goal is to keep $200.00+ in my checking account at all times and to save at least $1,000.00. Money has always been difficult for me, and I'm determined to change my ways this year.

8. Get into teacher prep

Teacher Prep is just within my reach, and over winter break, I am taking my Praxis Core Math, and my VCLA. They are the last steps I need to take for admission to teacher prep. I am so nervous for both of these and hope I get the scores needed to get in.

9. Be more organized

Last semester, and pretty much my whole life, I have been a disorganized hot mess. This semester, I am determined to keep myself on track, and ahead of schedule to keep my stress levels down.

10. Make more friends

Making friends has never been my strong suit, I tend to be really shy around people I don't know, and I clam up before I can even try to make friends. I'm looking forward to making more friends and to expand my circle of friends. If you're reading this and want to be friends, message me!

11. Do well in school

This last semester I ended with a 3.7 GPA, even though French really stumped me the entire time. My goal for the spring semester is to do even better than my 3.7 and to get all A's.

Overall, my main focus of 2019 is to be happier with myself as a person and to maintain a positive attitude. I want this to be the best year it can be for myself and the people I love.

Watch out 2019, I'm ready and focused.

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