I Miss School: FGCU Students Discuss Life In Quarantine
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I Miss School: FGCU Students Discuss Life In Quarantine

We miss you, FGCU.

I Miss School: FGCU Students Discuss Life In Quarantine

Missing school is not a commonly felt emotion, until recently. All Florida colleges sent home their students and began virtual-based classes, rather than in person, due to the outbreak of COVID-19. When we heard the news that we were going home for 2-3 weeks, we were elated. A break is exactly what we all needed. But just as quickly as that excitement came, it went, and it left us scared for the future. Hearing that school was going to be online for the rest of the semester was a shock to some us who thought we'd be able to come home, relax, and then go back to our fast-paced, high-energy environment in no time, and all would be well. Weeks later, we're wrapping up the semester, and here are some thoughts on quarantine thus far from some of the students and creators at Florida Gulf Coast University.

Meet the Panel:

Where are you spending quarantine? What's the vibe?

Mary Gonzalez: I'm locked up in my dad's house, but I'm occasionally going to my mom's to pick up my little sister, who's jumping back and forth. My dad is super chill and I have my own space here, so vibe wise, I'd say we're doing good.

Caitlin Swan: I'm spending quarantine at home with my family, it's chill but I'm bored since I can't see my friends.

Amber Aikman: I'm staying at my parent's home in Sarasota. It's fun to be back home, but I miss my place in Fort Myers, 'cause I like having my own space.

Samantha Toledo: I'm jumping between my mom's house and my dad's apartment. Everyone's been really chill and we're all just waiting for quarantine to end.

How have you been keeping busy?

Mary Gonzalez: I'm binge-watching Game of Thrones right now and I literally cannot do anything else. I'm a tad bit obsessed. I'm so behind on schoolwork it's not even funny. Virtual classes are not my forté.

Caitlin Swan: I've been playing on my Nintendo Switch, watching a lot of TikToks, keeping in touch with my friends, watching TV, doing school work, and, of course, writing articles.

Amber Aikman: I just finished my last final and I'm taking some free writing courses so I can expand on my skills and apply for remote writing jobs.

Samantha Toledo: I've been keeping busy by doing schoolwork mostly, but when I'm not doing that, I start new shows on Netflix.

What do you miss the most about FGCU?

Mary Gonzalez: Anything that has to do with my sorority, especially my sisters! I lived and breathed Kappa Delta when I was on campus, but now we can't do anything except Zoom chapter meetings.

Caitlin Swan: I miss my independence and all of my friends.

Amber Aikman: I miss the overall vibe of FGCU: my friends, walking around campus, and hanging by the lake.

Samantha Toledo: I miss being within walking distance of my best friends and being able to see them every day.

What do you miss the least?

Mary Gonzalez: 8AMs. Always 8AMs.

Caitlin Swan: Probably having to actually get up and go to class.

Samantha Toledo: I miss the amount of money I was spending on food the least. Actually, I don't miss it at all.

What's the first thing you're doing when you get back?

Mary Gonzalez: I'm gonna go and get Slurpees with my big. It's a tradition.

Caitlin Swan: I'm going to see all of my friends and go to dinner with them.

Amber Aikman: I'm gonna head over to Paradise Smoothie Cafe and get some bubble tea. I miss my taro almond milk tea.

Samantha Toledo: Seeing my friends!

Favorite quarantine fit?

Mary Gonzalez: Leggings and either a sorority t-shirt or a hoodie. Two words: peak comfort.

Caitlin Swan: Running shorts and a shirt that most likely doesn't match one another.

Amber Aikman:

Samantha Toledo: Grey sweatpants and a big t-shirt.

This article was co-written with Caitlin Swan , Samantha Toledo , and Amber Aikman .

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